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To make Sweets for Lining

Take Damask roses not quit blowne & let ythem lye A
drying A day or 2 ythem take 3 ounces of powder of [ora?]
an Ounce of Bonjamin half A 1/4 of an Ounce
of Storax A four cloves beaten & put your Roses into
2 big dishes strew this powder [amongst] let all dry
upon A skellitt of water 2 days but not as much
att ythe first your keep ythem in A pott covered near the
fire for your use

Aqua Mirabilis

Take Cardiman, [Cubibs?], Rubarb, molaletts, Gallingall
Nutmegs mace gingar cloves of sack steam all these
must be bruis'd and infused a night in 3 pints of
White wine one pint of Aqua vitae & one pint of
ythe juice of Celadine ythen next day distill ythem in
A Rose still, itt will run [Aposle] keep ythe first
quart by it selfe you must put to ythe whole 3 quarts
of A [pimd pf white Sugar Candy beaten & [Bar?]
remember to put saffron in ythe still.

A Cordiall

Take ythe hearts of 3 or 4 sheep, quick cut of ythe sheep
and slice them quickly in little thin slices into
A clean Earthen pott put as much rose water to
them as will cover them if you like not rose water
Take Spring water mixt with 2 or 3 spoonfull
of Sack cover ythe pott with paist and set it into
A [browen brod?] oven when your [open?] your oven pour
ythe Clear into a glass & put to itt A little [Alcarmis?]
Take now and then A spoonfull of it it's highly

To make White Mead
Take of Rosemary, Time, sweat bryar, Pennyriall
Boil of each a handful and what other
herbs you please as Oregan Wattor Cresses
Egremony march Mallowes leaves & flowers.
Liverwort wood Betony Eye bright Scabius of
each A like quantity of ythe Bark of ye Ash tree
of Gringo roots green of back of like proportion
to ye herbs of wild angelico Robwort Sanibell
Roman wormewood each such a proportion as is to
every handfull of ye first herbs, A 16 part of an
handfull of those sett or steep them a night & day
in a wooden Bowl of water covered then ythe next
day boil ythem very well in Another water, till the
colour be very high, then take another Quantity
green soo let itt boil 3 or 4 hour's time or as long
as ythe liquor looks any thing green then let it stand
with these herbs in itt A day & A night ythen put as much
fine honey to itt as will make it bear an Egg
ye liquor being strain'd from ythe herbs work & labour
ythe honey & liquor together A whole day till ythe honey
be consumed ythen. Let it stand A whole night again
A-clearing, soo let it boil a 1/4 of an hour all ythe whites
& shells of 6 eggs ythe yolks being taken out soo strain
itt clean & let itt stand A day a-cooling ythen put itt into
a Barrill if yoe will have itt work soo ythat it may be
riddy to drink [shortly] take ythe whites of 3 or 4 Eggs A
Spoonfull of Barm & a spoonfull of whear flower & beat
all these together & let it work before ythe stop it, ythen after
wards stop it well with clay and salt [?ed]together
to keep ythe long moist beforre ye stop it up hang in ythe
Barrill A bag of spice beat grossly, as Cloves mace
Cinnamon & nuttmeggs put ythem in a Linnon cloath &
hang ythem with in A thrid in ythe Barroll

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