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My Lady Pomander
Take one pound of Roses buds purely cut from the
White & finely beaten 2 Ounces of [Bonjamin]
40 grains of Amber Grease 24 Grains of musk
10 grains of Sivet 12 grains of the Spirit of Roses
one Ounce of the Oyle of [Jessamyn], [soe] make it up
with [Samb] black & Gumm Dragon Steep'd in
Roses water & Orange flower water, if you
haue not leasure [to] make it while your Roses are
fresh, you may [be] at your Roses after the former
[manner] and dry them when you vse [Searce] them very
finely, make up your pomander [with] the [Crums] of A
[Manchett] dipt in Orange flower or Damask rose
Water your Pomander will be better if the third part
of the Grounds, be Clove Gilly flowers & sweat marjorum
finely beaten & Searced are the Roses
for the Black Jaundice
Take A pint of Earth wormes such as creep out of the
Earth after rain and put them in A dish & strew A
good handfull of Bassall upon them and cover them
very close when they haue lain their one hour
wash them very clean with fair water then take
them out of your Dish and beat them very Small & boil
them in A quart of white wine till they be allmost
half wasted drink of this every morneing
and every night for A week make
fresh every 2 Dayes

An Antidote against any Infections
Take of conserve of woodsorell conserve of [Roman]
Worme wood of each 2 Ounces an Ounce of Venice
Treakle 8 Spoonfull of the Sirrup of clove Gilly
Flowers of canded Angilice Beaten to powder
2 Spoonfulls mix all these in An Electuary & take
in the morneing fasting the quantity of A walnutt.
To keep the Smallpox out of the Throat
Take the third decoction of french barley one quart
boil it in Sliced Liquor as 1/2 an Ounce burnt harts
horne as much figs sliced 6 or 7 40 ordinary [fitches]
bruis'd boil allto gather to the wasting of half of
half of the Liquor, then give 2 or 3 Spoonfulls [after]
[Dinne] swallow ing as easily downe as possibly
may bee.
TO make Gascon Powder
Take two Ounces of pearle one Ounce & A half
of Corrill Crab [Eyes] half an Ounce white Amber
Grease half an Ounce harts horne half an Ounce
four ounces of crabs claws to make this up into
into Balls you must take 14 snakes skins, and
steep them 12 hours in three quarts of spring
Water, you must put them in your water untill
[ith] be A [stife] Gilly, searce the quantity of A
Pint you must dry the balls of Charecool very
Mr Robinson

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