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A Rice Cordiall for A flux

Take A pint and A half of [runing] water put in
2 spoonfulls of bruised Rice with A very little mace
let it boil till the third part be consum'd then
take the yolk of A hard rested egg & break itt with some
of the liquor & strain it into it & season itt with
some red rose water & fine sugar [...] and
and if you would haue it more binding put into
it A little red wine when the egg is in make it
hot upon the fire, & mingle it well.

To make syrup of Colts foot

You must wipe your Collts foot very clean
with A cloath and stamp it in A Mortar and
steam out the [Juice] and sett itt on the fire & let
itt stand untill itt hath A hard green scum
upon itt and under yt very clear & put to A pint
of Juice a pound of sugar let it stand then
fire till itt Boile then [scum] it clean & when
itt is cold put itt into A glass for your use.

A Plaster for the sciatica

Take Burgundy pitch, [Resin], Bees wax, of [...] Ounces
mell them togather, then take one Ounce & A half of
course fur pint [in] one Ounce of the oile of mace, mell
all these togather, & spread them upon half of sheep skin
the flesh side then Grate A nutmeg upon it & lay it
warme to the place pained.


Extemporary Hippocras

Take Cinamond, half an Ounce cloves, nutmegs,
Benzour, mace, a quarter of an Ounce Long
pepper the weight of Groat make this into
fine powder mix 6 or 8 grains of Amber
Grease & if you please one or two musk grinding
them well togather put each pott in A [holet]
by itt selfe wch will hold about A quarter of
A pint full, ye Glass with good Aqua=vita or
Spirit of Raisons or other wine let them stand
8 or 10 dayes together if you will longar then
after they are settled power away the Liquor
from each and keep them severally.

When you would have Hippocrass take to
every pint of white wine or sack 1/2 A
Spoonfull or more of the Liquor if you
desire it to be perfumed use the tincture or
Liquor with Amber or Musk if not the other
brew them with Sugar as much as will suffice
to give them A good rellish.

A Medicine for the yellow Jaundice

Take turmerick and Saffron and beat them to
powder severally then take as much of the one as
the other & mingle them togather & take as much as will
cover A groat every morneing and night rowled
up in A conserve of Barberries or the [pape]
of an Apple this you must take for
the space of one weak.

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