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To Boil a Goose --- Ditt o .

Take a goose that has been powder'd 3 or 4 days and
boil it in an hour and an half in salt and water, then
take a quart of strong broth 4 Ox palates 4 Sweet
breads 4 Sheeps tongues and cut them in little bitts
into the broth with a pint of Oysters, and a Doze n . of
Larks some mushrooms, a blade of mace a little
salt, a little gravy a little Claret, a clove of garlick
an Onion a bundle of sweet herbs half a pound of butter
boil these altogether half an hour, so dish it up -
pouring it all up the Goose the Sweet herbs and -
palates must be boil'd very tender before they
are put in the broth and the broth must be made
of veal It should be but a quarter of a pound of butter
in it

To Collar Beef --- Ditt o ...

Take a flank of beef and lay it in pickle, with salt
petre bay salt and comon salt, and pump water, and
let it lie 9 days, shift it once in the time, and turn
it every day - Then take it out and take off the skin
and split it in the middle and dry it. Then wash it -
with red wine - Season it with pepper a little salt &
Cloves mace & Nutmeg half a score bay leaves shred -
small and as you Strew on your Season, roll it up and bind
it hard and put it into an Earthen pott and put into it
a pint of red wine and paste over it, Bake it Six
hours and when it comes out of the Oven hang it -
upon a hook till it is cold.

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