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they became very said because they saw the feces they had gifted them for the earth altar. So they got rid of them. The Mexica themselves adorned the altar with Huitztli and Acxoyatl. When they were done, they went to invite the ruler Coxcoxtli as a guest. When he came, the ruler saw that they were killing their prisoners and that the place where they were killing them was a crown of quetzal feathers and a turquoise shield. But it was not so. The ruler merely saw it that way.

On top of the earth altar the Mexica set down the burning wood. In this way they represented the tying of the years which they had not done in Chapultepec when they had been surrounded in battle.

As the Mexica did this, the people became angry. Coxcoxtli said, "Who are these people? They're certainly not human. Go after them!" And so they did.

The Mexica moved to Acatzintilan Mexicatzingo. They descended in floats made of reed.

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quimm...refers to people shooting after them.