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Canine Madness

This is Occasioned by the Bite of a Mad

Baldness to prevent

Lenimentum Crinificum
Rx Gm Labdanum zvj. Ol. Ursi zij.
Mel. Zss. Lig. Mericies pulv. ziij. Ol.
Nucis Moschat zj. Bals. peruv. zij.
M. f. a. Rub the Head over with an Onion
then apply the Linimentum Repeat them
thrice a Day for three Months. [Quinzey?]
or Use Ung. Pomatum.

Baldness to make

Leniment Depilatorium
Rx. Calx. Viv. Zjv. auripigment zjss Rad.
Orris zj. Nit. & Sulph. aa strong Soap Lees
[?] ij. m. Boil to a Consistance add Ol. Caryoph.
gutt. xx. m. Let this lie on but
half an Hour at a time then Doo
the Part over with Common Ol.


These are a Sort of a Plague Sore
See Feever Pestilential

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