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Oct. 18. 1877

E. D'Argent the Senate agreed to allow him
to attend the class of Natural Science this session.

petition from Eliott
& Daly

There was read a Peititon from Messrs.
Ellliott and Daly in regard to the rearrangement
of the clsses of senior mathematics
and logic and metaphysics. The Senate
declined making the change desired by
the Petitioners.

petition from
Alex. McLean

There was read a Petition from Alexander
McLean for a supplementary examination
in metaphysics for the reason that he
had lost a part of the time appointed for the
examination through his mistaking the hour
of the afternoon sederunt. The Senate declined
granting Mr. McLean's request.

meeting to elect
curators of reading room

The Senate appointed a meeting of the
students to be held in the Classical room on
Monday 22d inst. at 4 o'clock P.M. for the
purpose of electing Curators of the Reading
Room - the names of the Curators elected
to be communicated by the Secretary of the
meeting to the Secretary of the Senate.

Closed with the benedication.

Jas. Williamson, Vice Principal
J.B. Mowat, Secretary


Nov. 3. 1877

Queen's University, November 3d 1877

The Senate met and was constituted.

Sederunt the Vice Principal Dr. Williamson,
Professors Mowat, Mackerras, Dupuis, Ferguson,
and Watson.

The minutes of the last meeting held
18th ult. were read and approved.

EA Sturman applies
for ad eundem degree

There was read an application from
E.A. Sturman of London, England, Master
of Arts of Richmond College, Ohio for an ad
eundem degree. The Senate resolved that they
could not grant the application without more
satisfactory than they at present profess as to the
standing of Richmond College and the curriculum

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