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Page two; THE SLATER NEWS; March 20,1947

[Column 1]
The Slater News
Published Every Two Weeks
Slater Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Established 1790
In The Interest of Its Employees

CECIL S. ROSS - Asst. Editor
CLAUDE GUEST - Photographer

Weave Room: Ernestine McCall,
Nellie Barnette, Gladys Cox, Rosa-
lee Cox, Sarah Canham, Louise
Bagwell, Pearl Price, Ethel Clary,
Doris Jones and Irene Cox.

Preparation Department: Jessie Vas-
sey, Julia Brown, Bertha Jones,
Sarah Singleton, Blanche Raxter,
Nellie Ruth Payne, Stanley Haw-
kins, Ruth Campbell, D. P. Gar-
rick, Tom Boggs, and Marguerite

Cloth Room: Opal W. Smith.

Community: Mrs. Raymond Johnson,
W. Earle Reid, Ruby P. Reid,
Doris F. Atkinson.

New Building
(Con't. from page 1, col. 1)

Boat piers at the lake (new
last year) will be completed by
summer, and the camp expects
to have a fleet of 12 rowboats
for use by the scouts on this
five-acre body of water. The
camp chapel has been improved
by the addition of a cupola and
a bell given by Fred M. Med-
lock of Laurens, and by the
addition of benches in the
chapel given by Mr. and Mrs.
Traverse S. Foster of Green-

Camp Old Indian had an en-
rollment of more than a thou-
sand boy-weeks last summer
and next season promises to be
even larger, Mr. Williamson
said. The camp had an envi-
able health record last summer,
he added, with no serious acci-
dents, and, according to the re-
port made by Dr. Alva S. Pack,
chairman of the health and
safety committee, the campers
gained 4,000 pounds of weight
during the summer, or an av-
erage of four pounds per boy
per week.

The ideal camp experience
comes to the scout who attends
camp with his troop, camp offi-
cials feel. The camp program
offers an opportunity for troops
to attend as a unit and to
carry on their own program,
supplemented by general camp
activities and the assistance of
the central camp staff.

Periods for next summer, to
begin with the evening meal on
Wednesday and close with the
noon meal the following Tues-
day, have been scheduled as
follows: first period, June
11-17, pioneer camp - camp
staff only; second period, June
18-24; third, June 25-July 1;
fourth, July 2-8; fifth, July
9-15; sixth, July 16-22; and
seventh, July 23-29.

Camp Old Indian is two miles
east of highway 26 (Greenville-
Hendersonville highway), 26
miles north of Greenville.

[Column 2]

Today's column is a note of
public thanks to the person or
persons responsible for bring-
ing to Slater two very good
pictures recently. They are
''Sister Kenny'' and ''Stanley
and Livingston.''

''Sister Kenny'' is a pic-
torial story of the life of Miss
Elizabeth Kenny, Australian
bush nurse who discovered a
new and practical and revolu-
tionary method of treatment
for the victims of infantile
paralysis - a method that leaves
the patient whole and well and
uncrippled with no trace of the

''Stanley and Livingston'' is
the story of the adventures of
David Livingston, missionary
explorer who went from Lon-
don to Africa in the latter part
of the last century. The things
he found and the works he ac-
complished while in the Dark
Continent provide a thrilling
and inspiring two hours of en-

Long ago educators recog-
nized the advantage of pictures
as an educational factor, and
more recently many of our
schools and churches have been
using visual aids as a supple-
ment to teaching. ''One pic-
ture is worth a hundred

Mostly, we think of the
movies as a source of entertain-
ment, but they are much more
than juat that; they are a
source of great influence on the
lives of the peoples of a com-

In Slater, the majority of
movie goers are our young peo-
ple. When these young people
see in pictured stories the lives
of the great people who have
had a part in making advances
in medicine, science, religion,
literature, art, music, politics,
or anything that goes toward
making living better, they
themselves are inspired to ap-
preciate and achieve greatness.

Another reason why these
two pictures are especially ap-
preciated is that people natu-
rally seek some form of recrea-
tion, and when good, clean,
stimulating fun is provided, the
tendancy to seek out undesir-
able forms of excitement is

Thanx for a couple of really
outstanding pictures!

Card of Thanks

I would like to take this op-
portunity to express my sin-
cere appreciation to my fellow
workers and many friends in
this community for the beauti-
ful floral offering and for the
many kindnesses shown me
during the recent illness and
death of my husband, Mr. Jim

Mrs. Estelle Kelly

Anger is a wind which blows
out the lamp of the mind. -
Robert Ingersoll.

Today is so big it uses a man
up. - Grace Lally.

The larger the island of
knowledge, the longer the
shore line of wonder. - Ralph

[Column 3]
Cloth Room Chatter

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Johnson
had as their dinner guests re-
cently, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Southerlin and family.

Clara Talley spent a very de-
lightful week-end with her
cousin, Elizabeth Hood, of
Route 1, Travelers Rest.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Epps
are glad to have their little son,
Larry, back home after spend-
ing the week with his little
cousin, Jerry Baldwin, of Trav-
lers Rest. Earl and Dennis
missed him too.

Chief Warrant Officer and
Mrs. Norman Blackwell and
daughters of Greenville were
recent guests of Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Johnson.

Misses Aileen Wigington and
Norma Gene Guest were the re-
cent week-end guests in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray

Mr. and Mrs. John Reaves
and family spent last week-end
with Mrs. Reaves' parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Duncanm of

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Farthing
and daughters and Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Smith, Jr., of Dan-
ville, Va. spent several days
recently in the home of Mr. and
Mrs. L. T. Scarce. They came
to be with their father, J. H.
Farthing, who is ill at the
Scarce home.

The many friends of Mrs. Es-
telle Kelly wish to extend their
deepest sympathy to her in the
recent deaths of her husband.

Everyone welcomes Bessie
Shirley and Dean Looper back
to work. They were greatly
missed while being out.

Sallie Guest is still on the
sick list but is steadily improv-
ing at her home in Marietta.
We hope she will soon be able
to be back with us.

Red Cross Drive
(Con't from page 1, col. 5)

reached their quota of $35.

The second shift in Weave
Room No. 3 under Overseer G.
E. Ballenger reached their
quota of $65. Oversubscribing
their quota of $35 by $4 was
the Drawing-In Department
under Overseer M. C. Tilley.
The Tying-In Department un-
der Overseer J. H. Puckett
oversubscribed their goal of
$20 by $2.25.

Other departments were close
behind these leaders with grati-
fying results.

The management, the over-
seers, and the Red Cross offi-
cials wish to extend their
thanks to all of the employees
of this Company for their
splendid support of this worthy

Robert H. Atkinson, Indus-
trial Relations Manager, head-
ed the Red Cross drive at Sla-
ter this year.

Card of Thanks

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tolley
and family wish to express
their sincere thanks and appre-
ciation for the beautiful floral
offerings and gift presented
them during thier time of sor-
row by the second and third
shift employees of the Prepara-
tion Department.

[Column 4]

The third shift employees
sympathize with Paul Epps in
the loss of his grandmother,
whose death occured last

Frances Miller, Winthrop
College student, spent another
delightful week-end at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Lumas Looper
visited Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
Foster on Sunday.

Mr. James Embry and Mr. J.
E. Brooks made a business trip
to Danielsville, Ga. last Mon-
day. They also visited relatives
while there.

Marynelle Turnbull of Green-
ville spent the week-end with
Mrs. Lena Keisler.

Paul Goldsmith was a visitor
in Easley last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Reynolds
are planning to move into their
new home soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Terrel and
children visited relatives in
Carnesville, Ga. Sunday.

First shift employees are
glad to have Laten Green back
at work, after being out several
weeks recuperating from an

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Farr and
daughter were Sunday guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Farr.

Hazel Guest and Pearle
Looper enjoyed a Sunday af-
ternoon trip to the mountians

Mrs. C. L. Hargrove of
Greenville spent the week-end
with her daughter, Georgia
Scroggins. Mrs. Hargrove and
Mrs. Seroggins also visited Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Hargrove on

We are happy to have Louise
Lindasy back with us on the
first shift after being off for
several weeks.

Lee and Lucy Reece are all
smiles and grins since the ar-
rival of their first grandbaby
on March.

Mr. and Mrs. Omar Phillips

Books Donated
(Con't. from page 1, col. 2)

Mr. Burnette, a veteran of
World War II, is an employee
of the Slater Manufacturing
Co., Inc. and works in the
Weaving Department.

The librarian wishes to thank
Mr. Burnette for his kindness
in remembering the library
with a donation of his own
books, and commends him for
this thoughtful attitude toward
other readrs.


One gray and silver trimmed
Parker fountian pen in or near
the village of Slater. If found,
please return to Mrs. Fred Har-
grove, Drawing-In Department,
and receive liberal reward.


One black billfold containing
currency, check and valuable
papers. $15.00 reward. Finder
please return to Mrs. T. L.
Takacy and receive reward.

For a man to pretend to un-
derstand women is bad man-
ners; for him really to under-
stand them is bad morals. -
Henry James.

[Column 5]
and family visited Mrs. Phil-
lips' mother, Mrs. A. A. Phil-
lips, in Royston, Ga. over the

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sims of
Laurens visited Mr. and Mrs.
G. W. Bowers over the week-

Employees of the Drawing-
In Department are sorry to lose
Mrs. Donnie Bates. We miss
you, Donnie, but wish you the
very best of luck and much
happiness in your marriage to
Mr. C. C. Clark.

Mr. and Mrs. Haynie Camp-
bell of Greer were the supper
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
Arms Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Leland Barnett
were the week-end guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hargrove
and family.

Mrs. Frances Godfrey has re-
turned to work recently. Wel-
come back, Frances.

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Spring-
field were supper guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Lloyd Simpson on
Saturday night.

The SAFE Way






From National Safety News
Published by
The National Saftey Council

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