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March 2, 1947 THE SLATER NEWS Page Three

[headline, spans columns 1-2]
GOINGS-ON - - - -

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lynch
and daughter, Linda, were re-
cent visitors in Greer.

Mr. and Mrs. James Allison
and daughter, Ruth, spent Sun-
day with Mr. and Mrs. Clar-
ence Allison and children.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Canham
enjoyed having Mrs. Canham's
brother, Lt. Johnnie Surratt,
and his wife with them for the

J. D. Pridmore spent the
week-end with his sister, Mrs.
Willie Owensby.

T. R. Chandler gave a birth-
day dinner Sunday for Doris,
Lillian, and Georgia. All had
a very nice time.

We welcome Olin Rice on the

[article continues on column 2, top section]

second shift in Weave Room 2
and hope he will enjoy his work

Bernice Foster had as her re-
cent visitor, her brother, Wil-
liam Hooker, of Brevard,
N. C.

Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Case and
son and Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Moss were visitors in Hender-
sonville, N. C. Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. George Burrell
spent the week-end with Mr.
and Mrs. Willis Pepper.

Miss Pearl Price and Miss
Bernice Foster were present at
the Mull-Ogle wedding which
was performed iat Nine Forks
Baptist Churth last Saturday
evening. We all wish the couple
a long and happy married life.

[column 1, bottom section]

Senior Class
(Con't. from page 1, col. 3)

him by leaving him at home
instead of taking him to the
Holy Land with her, he rents
her mansion to her dearest en-
emy and mother of his lady-
love, where he masquerades as
her butler, disguising his pal.
Bill, as her gardener, and
Muggsy, the college grind and
Latin coach, as her housemaid.
And all this sheme is not only
to provide them with ready
cash, but to enable them to dis-
cover whether their lady-loves
are flirting with wealthier suit-
ors. Their plans are upset when
Aunt Sarah cancels her trip to
the Holy Land.

The cast includes an affected
society matron; her two charm-
ing daughters; a self-important
banker; a fatuous villege poet;
the college grind's jealous
sweetheart; a timid dean; a
superstitious colored cook; be-
sides Peter, who is always in
hot water; his pal, Bill; and
Peter's aunt. The female im-
personation is a riot.

The cast is as follows: Miss
Sarah Pepperdine, Peter's aunt
—Ruth Laws; Jasmine Jack-
son, Aunt Sarah's darky cook
—Kathleen Reynolds; Cicero
Murglethorpe, the dean of El-
wood College—Jimmie Pierce;
Peter Pepperdine, always in
hot water—N. E. Hughes; Bill
Bradshaw, Peter's pal—Gene
Cox; Thorndyke Murglethorpe,
Muggsy — Russel Hampton;
Mrs. Georgiana Clarkson, a so-
cial climber—Mary Dodson;
Nadine Clarkston, Peter's
sweetheart—Fannie Mae Mur-
ton; Peggy Clarkston, Bill's
sweetheart — Doris Hargrove;
Malvina Potts, Muggsy's god-
dess—Bobbie McMullan; John
Boliver, a wealthy banker —
Harold Knight; and Dupont
Darby, the poet—Roy Lebrand.

Admission for the play will
be 25c for school children and
37c for adults and others. Ad-
vance tickets will be sold at
the school. Proceeds will be
used for a class trip to Wash-
ington, D. C.

Mrs. Wilma M. Cox, the class
sponsor, is directing the play.
Religion is what the individ-
ual does with his own solitude.
If you are never solitary you
are never religious. — Dean

[column 2, middle section]

Some Hints For
The Lady Folks

Did you know that both the
Labor Department in Washing-
ton and the New York Herald
Tribune have prepared pamph-
lets to help you plan, buy for
and prepare meals for two? In-
formation of this nature is al-
ways invaluable, because most
of the better cook books have
recipes for four or more, and
no matter how you divide them,
you never seem to come out
right. For these pamphlets,
write to the Department of La-
bor, Statistical Division, Wash-
ington, D. C.; and to the New
York Herald Tribune, Food Ed-
itor, New York, New York,
asking for Cooking for Two.
* * *
Next time you have to put a
dish of food directly on the ice,
place a fruit jar rubber ring
under it. The ring will stick
to both the ice and dish and

[article continues on column 3, middle section]

will hold the latter in place.
* * *
Rather than dirty a grate or
rolling pin, rub to pieces of
dry bread together when you
want crumbs again. Do
you use those on cauliflower?
It's amazing what they do for
an otherwise uninteresting dish,
and you don't have to fuss with
hollandaise sauce. Speaking of

[article continues on column 4, middle section]

bread, try croutons in tomato
or pea soup—fried in butter,
they' delicious. If you're
short on butter, use bacon fat.
* * *
When a recipe calls for egg
whites alone, place the yolks in
a well-greased baking dish
which can in turn be placed in
a pan of boiling water. When
cooked, the yolks can be used
as salad or hot dish garnishes.
If you have any leftover fried
eggs, just chop them up and

(Con't. on page 4, col. 1)

[photo of coronation services at Slater Baptist, spans bottom of cols. 2-4]
Shown aboe is another view of the Coronation Services recently held at the Slater Baptist
Church where six girls were crowned. Several years of effort and work were necessary by these
girls and their leader, Mrs. N. C. Hawkins, before they were entitled to this honor.

[column 3]

Theatre Guide

March 22, 1947
Lawrence Tierney
Lowell Gilmore
Ann Jeffreys
March 24, 1947
Louis Hayward
March 28, 1947
John Garfield
Walter Brennan
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Faye Emerson
March 29, 1947
Morgan Conway
Rita Corday
Rita Jefferys
March 31, 1947
Jack Haley
Wally Brown
Ann Jeffreys
April 4, 1947
Dennis Morgan
Janis Paige
Jack Carson
Martha Vickers

[column 4]

Miss Davis
(Con't. from page 1, col. 4)

She also made a brief tour of
the village to see the churches,
homes, and clinic.

On this occasion, a number
of parents, teachers, and high
school students were guests of
the Civic Club to hear Miss
Davis as she gave some of her
impressions of America, and
now taking place in England.
At the close of her discussion,
Miss Davis conducted an inter-
esting "question and answer"
period, which was for the ben-
efit of those who wished to
ask questions.

As an added attraction for
the evening, Miss Kathleen
Farnsworth, teacher in the lo-
cal school, rendered a cello
number, after which she pre-
sented the following high
school girls in a special vocal
number: Misses Patricia Sum-
mey, Freida Thornton, Betty
Vassey, Faye Dean, and Caro-
lyn Marsh. The piano accom-
paniment for these numbers
was played by Mrs. W. W.

Those who heard Miss Davis
thoroughly enjoyed her discus-
sion, and hope that she will
visit Slater again at her earliest

The program for this meet-
ing was planned by Miss Inez
Graham and Mrs. W. Earle
[column 5]


We were very happy to have
Betty Scarce and Gaile
("Butch") Burgess read stories
at a recent meeting of the
Thursday Afternoon Story
Hour group. Betty read "The
Travels of a Fox," while
"Butch" read "Ask Mr. Bear."
Both of these children are in
the first grade this year, and
Miss Margaret Coleman is their
teacher. These girls read flu-
ently and with expression, and
all those present enjoyed hear-
ing them. We not only con-
gratulate Betty and "Butch"
for their fine reading progress,
but we also commend their
parents and their teacher for
the part they have played in
the achievements of these chil-
It is always a great pleasure
to welcome new members to
the library. Our library roll
continues to increase, and we
credit a great deal of this to
you readers who, finding joy in
your reading, wish to shre it
with others by telling them
what the library means to you.
To you who have not yet join-
ed the library, we extend an
invitation to do so at your
earliest convenience. We need
you, and we believe that the
library can add a great deal to
your "reading happiness."

This week we greet Mrs.
Grace Griffin as a new library
member. Mrs. Griffin is one of
the second grade teachers in
the local school, and we hope
that the library can assist her
not only in securing materials
for her own reading, but in
supplying materials for her
school work, as well.

Mrs. Christine Stockton Mill-
er is also a new member. Chris-
tine and her husband lived in
Slater until recently, when
they moved to Cleveland. We
welcome Christine as a library
member, and look forward to
having her visit the library as
often as possible.

Little Betty Ruth Ross is an-
other new member, both for the
library and for the Thursday
Afternoon Story Hour group.
She is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. Ross. Her sister,
Violet, has been a member of
the Girls' Library Club for
quite a while.

Our latest addition to the li-
brary roll is Fred Cashion. Fred
is an employee of the Slater
Manufacturing Co., Inc. and
works in the Weaving Depart-
We feel that Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Laws and family de-
serve honorable mention for
their unusual reading record.
Living out of the village, they
sometimes find it a little incon-
venient to get to the library.
Nevertheless, they do visit the
library regularly, always get-
ting a supply of books sufficient
to last until the next trip. We
understand that the whole
family reads these books, after
which they are often read by
relatives and neighbors who
live near. To the Edward Laws
family, we say "Congratula-
tions! Keep up the good

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