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under your mattresses. A member wishes
to know whether the cream which rises in the
slop barrel is considered wasted. Most dairy
men agree that the quality of the butter is impaired
by this old cream to the full amount
of its value

Kerosene cleans paint brushes and
buckets very thoroughly, can dust also if
used while the paint is fresh.

Anna L. Moore read a little description of
Hawthorne's grave. Walter H. Brooke and
Albinia O. Stabler were then appointed to read
at Belmont_ July 10th 1880.

114 Meeting

The must be some charm in the name
of the Home Interest_ that induces its members
to attend its meetings let the weather do what
it will. And on this the tenth of July, it
did its utmost in forcing up the mercury, but
we rose even above that, and presented our
selves melting but happy, but rather later
than usual at Belmont.

A number of guests helped us to enjoy
ourselves. Wm & Sarah Lea, John & Kate Thomas
John & Eliza Bentley. Alban G. Thomas

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