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as Foreman called the meeting to order but
(owing to the extreme heat) we were rather difficult
to manage, all being a little indifferent
to the usual routine of business.

The minutes of the last meeting here having
been read, we proceeded to array ourselves along
the garden fence to criticize the contents of
the enclosure, & comment thereon_ We were
much pleased with some long rows of very
fine & well kept strawberry plants _ giving
promise of an abundance of fruit next year.

We also found a good supply of garden
["cars"?] of all kinds_ Last but not least those
interested in floralculture detected the flower
garden, not from its vast size, or its abundance
of bloom, but any how we found
it_ and all agreed that it was a very
pretty rose indeed.

The afternoon being so warm we
held our meeting under the trees, and the
new piazza accommodated us when the
lamps were lighted so we suffered no more
from heat.

How must I trim begonias_ Prick them in.
What must I do to dispose of that pest the
striped bug. One reports success with switching
them, & so frightening them away_ Unslaked
lime prove effectual to.

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