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[from?]) whether he goes or not, for we find it
is not our advice but his wifes consent he is
so earnestly seeking.

Will sage raised in spring & recently
cut live over the winter_ Yes_ but it is better
to sow fresh each spring.

A call from the Horticultural Society
for funds_ reveals the reduced state of our
finances_ Ten cents we collect. It would seem
as if ten cents was a small sum to spend for
an afternoons entertainment. No one present
would decline to give a tumbler of jelly if
asked_ from which we conclude that jelly
is not money. Adjourned to meet
at Charles H. Brookes Falling Green, Oct
9th 1880. Pattie R. Stabler & Edward Thomas
appointed to read.

Susanna L. Thomas_ Sec.

117th Meeting

The Home Interest met at Falling Green
Oct 9th 1880_ owing to various reasons the attendance
was small_ only a minority of the
members being present. Our guests were
Sarah Hallowell, Mrs Howell, Margaret and
Mary Magruder, Captain and Mrs Strain
and James Stabler. Our secretary being

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