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class of her own age. She
enteres [sic] there for one year,
giving special attention to french
German and Music - also
History. They do not allow a
word spoken but French. Jennie
thought she knew French at home
but it did not amount to any
thing. I am eager to see her.
I hear from her twice a week.
I will take her by surprise.

In Paris I stay at the
Hotel Meurice opposite
the Tulleries [sic] garden. It is a very
elegant Hotel, quiet with best
attention. I have been there
since I came here alone. We
always went in years past to the
Hotel Bristol near Hotel Ritz
but I could not teach my heart
to go under present conditions.

Mary Miller is very happy that she
is to see you again. I see them often.
Give best regard to Tim and Lydia
also remember me to dear Mrs and
Mis Kohl. Ever Yours Sincerely

Mrs. Leland Stanford

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