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we staid [sic] nearly three
months in Egypt, one month in
Ceylon, five weeks
in India, one month in
Australia, nine weeks in
going and nine weeks
returning on the Seas, and
it restored me to perfect
health on my return in
May last Bertha Berner
had to go to her mother
who is in very poor health
and probably will never
be able to leave her, so
you can picture what it is
to be without her.

She loves you and the
memory of your dear
Mother's fidelity to her
Saviour is one of her
chief delights to think of.

I came home thinking
to go to Europe in August
but I find too much
here that needs my attention.
I had planned to go direct
to Kissengen [sic] not for the
cure but for the sweet
past memories, how deligh-
ted I would have been to
have found you there.
We may meet yet for I
want to make one more
trip to Europe.

I meet May a few
times far apart. Tim
and she leave here the 15th to
take Lydia to her school,
May is restless and finds
no pleasure in her lovely

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