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4 Ngarrimana. sig a continuance of all day long.
Bumabugarrimana, to be all day long.
Bunbangarrimana. to run about all day long.
5 Guabianna sig. A continuance for the night.
Bumallaiguabianna, To beat (fight) all the night.
Ninaiguabianna. To sit up all night.
6 Dillinga.(Reflective) as,
Bumanjidillinga, ' To beat one's self.'
Miramadillinga, ' To defend one's self.'
7 Yanna. (Reciprocal) as,
Bumallanna. 'To beat each other or to fight'
Nurungamillanna, 'To love each other.'
8. Alinga, (reiterative); as,
Bumalinga, 'To beat again.'
Gamaialinga, 'To go again.'
9. Numinga implies that an action is to last
for a little time only;
Bumalimininga, 'To beat before or previously.'
Nganuminga, 'To see before hand.'

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