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Thow wost nomere þan þi fote  vp god it is
Heve frendis quod þis good man  ȝe thru blame me nouȝt
Wel I wote what Ihesu crist  in my mouth haþ brouȝt
As who seiþ of þat þing  þat ȝe han of me sede
Telle ȝe may if it falle  after þat I am dede
Bisshop he was of london  seint dunston siþ also
Of london and of worcetere  he helde both two
It bifelle þe Erchbisshop of Caunterburye  Sir Ode was dede
Þe pope and king Edgar  þerof toke her rede
And made þe good seint Dunston  Erchbissop þere
Good men þat knewe him wel  glad þerof were
The Cristendome of Engelonde  to good stat he drewe
And þe right of holy chirch  he held up fast ynowe
He formed þorgh all engelond  þat eche person shuld chese
To kepe hem chaast from lecherye  or his churche lese
Seint Aþelwold þat time  was bisshop of wynchestre
And Seint Oswold þe good man  bisshop of Worcestre
Thise tweyn Bisshopis  and Seint Dunston were of one rede
And Edgar þis good dede king  to do þis good dede
Thise bisshopis went about  þorgh all engelonde
And wicked personys cast out  þer shuld hem non a stonde
Her churches an her oþer good  clenly hem byname
And bisette it on good men  þorgh graunte of þe pope of Rome
xlviij . Abbeis  of monkis and of nunne
Of tresour þei did rere  of þe persons þei had wonne
And þan it was wel bet bysette  þan it was erst for shrewen
For euere þer good maisters ben  some good þey wil shewen
Good were þe bisshope þre  at oon tyme þoo
The bettere is Engelonde ȝit for hem  ⁊ shal be euermo
Our lord ȝaue in erþe  þo Seint Dunston fair grace
At oon tyme as he was  in a priue place
His fader ⁊ his moder eke  in ioye of heuene lay
Aftere þat þei dede were apertly he say
Grete loue oure lord hym kidde  whan he shewed hym þere
So moch of his priuete  whill he alyue were
As he lay anoþer tyme  in his bed anyght
He see þe Ioie of heuene  and a plas þer in briȝt
Aungels herd sing  a mery songe þer Inne
Þat men Syng ȝit in holy chirch  whan þei was bygynne

Notes and Questions

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Kerryn Olsen

Line 19: "Dede" has three dots under the "e" - possibly to stress / lengthen the vowel. (I.e. NOT dead).

Kerryn Olsen

Line 39 - I cannot make out that final word - "rune"? To rhyme, it wants to be "rine"