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{¶ Saynt Brendan  ¶ Saynt Dunstan }
SAynt Dunstan was of Englond  of gode kyne ycore
God wroȝt foȝ hym myracle  long er he was bore
His moder stode wiþ child of hym  in chirche at Candelmasse
And all þe parissh with her lyȝt  as custome is ⁊ was
At masse men stoden with her lyȝt  riȝt as men done now
Her candels quenched alle at ones  ⁊ nomon nist how
Mich wonder þer was  with all þat euer þer stode
How her candels were quenched  hit changide all her mode

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Kerryn Olsen

Line 29 - Saint Dunston's Life starts. Editing / review has happened from here.