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{¶ Saynt Dunstan }
So þat þai stode ⁊ speken þer of  ⁊ wondred euerychone
Vppon saynt Dunstanes moder serge  þer lyȝt a fyre anon
Nomon wist whennes hit come  but þurȝ goddes grace
And also for hir blessed birþe  men knewe wel hit was
Þat ilke lyȝt fro heuen come  as Ihesu Crist hit sende
And all þe folke þat stode about  her candels þerat tende
And of þat ilke holy body  þat in hir wombe was þere
All Englond shule lyȝted be  wel better þen euer hit were
¶ Þo þis child born was  his frendes token hede
And leten him do to glaftenbury  to norisshe ⁊ to fede
To teche him his bileve  þe Pater noster ⁊ þe Crede
Þat childe sone wexe ⁊ wel þrofe  ⁊ so he most nede
Lytel ȝeme he toke to þe world  to godenesse euer he drogh
Ych mon þat herde him speke  hade of hym ioye ynogh
Þo he was in mannes witt  to his Eme con he go
Þe Erchbisshop of Canterbury  aldelme þat was þo
With hym he made ioye ynogh  ⁊ euer þe lenger þe more
Fro þat he segh of his godenesse  ⁊ of his wiselore
For daynte þat he hade of hym  he lete him soone bringe
To þe prince of Englond  sire Adelstone þe kyng
¶ Þe kyng hym made ioye ynogh  ⁊ grauntes al his bone
Of what þinge he wolde him bidde  if hit were to done
Saynt Dunstan asked þe kyng a place  ⁊ to hit he him broȝt
In þe toun of Glastenbure  ⁊ he him grucched noȝt
Þe kyng him graunted his bone anon  ⁊ after him also
Edmond Adelstones broþer  þat after him kyng was þo
To glastenbury he ȝede soone  þe gode mon saynt Dunston
Boþe þe kynges him ȝaf love  Edmond ⁊ Adelston
A faire abbay he lete arere  amon sees ȝett þere stond
Of blake monkes hit was made  þe first of Englond
¶ For ych abbay of Englond  þat of blak monkes is
Of þe hous of Glastenburye  spronge first ⁊ come y wis
Hym self he toke þe habyt þere  ⁊ first monke bicome
And of þat hous was Abbot  ⁊ grete Covent to him nome
And made þer goddes seruice  stidfast ⁊ stable ynogh
Þe covent þat þerynne was  to all godenesse he drogh
¶ Þis holy Abbot saynt Dunstan  aght grete powere

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