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{¶ Saynt Dunstan }
With þe kyng Edmunde þat was þo  ⁊ was his counselere
After kyng Edmondes deþ  agode whyle hit was gon
Þat Edwyn his sone was kyng  but not after anon
¶ Þis Edwyn hade euel rede  ⁊ þerafter he drogh
With saynt Dunstan he was wroþe  ⁊ þat with ful grete wogh
He drof hym of his Abbay  ⁊ did hym shame ynogh
Þe more shame þat he him did  þe more þis gode mon logh
He drof hym out of Englond  ⁊ lete hym do fleme
¶ Þis gode mon went out gladly  ⁊ toke he neuer ȝeme
To þe Abbay of saynt Gamond  þider soone he drogh
And soiourned þere ful longe  ⁊ lad gode lyf ynogh
And þo þe kyng Edwyn was ded  Edgar þat was his broþer
After hym was made kyng  for þen þer was non oþer
A ful gode mon he was  ⁊ loued holy chirche
And whoso him þerto rad  after him he wolde wirche
¶ Men tolde hym of saynt Dunstan  þat his broþer drof of lond
With vurȝt for his gode dede  as he con vnderstonde
After hym he sent anon  þat he aȝeyn come soone
And made him all his counselere  of þat he hade to done
Saynt Dunstan come home aȝeyn  ⁊ fayre was vnderfonge
And aght his Abbay al in pes  from which he hade ben longe
With þe kyng he was ful wele  ⁊ made his counselere
¶ Hit bifel þat þe bisshop of Wircetre was dede
Þe kyng ⁊ Ode þe archbisshope  þerof token rede
Þe holy Abbot Dunstan  to make him bisshop þere
And to have herre astate  in goddes lawe þogh hit his vnwille were
Sommen asked þe Erchbisshop  of Caunterbury sire Ode
Wher fore þai him sich a man made  ⁊ why his graces were so gode
For he shal quod þis gode mon  after me here be
Erchbisshop of Canterbury  ⁊ þat shal men ȝett se
¶ What wostow þen saide þese oþer ȝ þu speekes foly y wis
My leve frendes quod sire Ode  blame ȝe me noȝt
For wele I wote fro Ihesu Crist  what is me saide ⁊ broȝt
Bisschop he was of londoun  saynt Dunstan siþen also
Of london ⁊ of wircetre  he helde hem boþe two

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