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Constitution Election / Widows & orphans / hard rain 12 oclock / Canons firing Washingtons birth day / Vote / Marys infant Died / apples good

"ratification" or "rejection" of the amendment to the Constitution
takes place Many widows and orphans will have occasion (prob-
ably) to mourn the loss of there all, but if providence wills
it to be so, who should complain. -
We hear the Canons firing at Columbia in commendation of
Washingtons birth day greate excitement in Town threats are
making against all those that dont Vote to day in the election
for the amended Constitution Many through fear will knock
under, and vote for to git protection, that would disdain to
do so if they did not fully believe there personal safety
required it. Poore fools. (Marys Child Died) it has been sick
some time Ericiphilas or something like it.
We sorted the good from rotten Apples to day We have some
fifteen bushels, sound ones. They are realy a luxury for they
are the Halls Sedling & the limber twig and good indeed
I stayed at home it rained all day -

Th 23
Stayed at home rain / rain / Mag
And still it rains, this morning, has rained all night The
ground is in a flood of watter. Dark and cloudy morning. I
stayed at home all day it rained hard all day until late at
night Nothing new Margaret not returned

24 Friday / Thomas
I met Thomas in Town on his way to Cincinnati he got off in
an Abortantia the rail rode Bridges across Duck river
Rutherfords Creek Carlins Creek and so far as heard from, is

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