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Bridges all washed away to Nashville last night & yesterday / Mare took out the Buga shaved /
all washed away It will be verry difecult for him to make
his way to Nashville he went in company with Dr Toler
Capt Black & some others they expected to walk a good
part of the rode to Nashville. My Mare (Jack Pattons) was
taken out of the Buga shaved I found her in the evening
U S on her shoulder McGows stable

1865 Feby Sat 25
U.S. Drs Brown Frierson & others / Jack / Harris / Shave /
It is still raining high Wind from the East has rained
nearly all night & Thundered & lightend through the night
verry dark & cloudy
I rested badly through the last night having brok my
self down runing about over town hunting my buga Mare yesterday
in Town I got her, shaved, & U.S. was plain to be seen on
her shoulder. I am clearly of opinion that it was put there
by some Kimacle process. On yesterday Docts Browns Friersons
& others examined it & all of them thinks so too.
After dinner I Went to Town delivered up the Mare to the
Scoundrel that shaved her shoulder Jack Porter took her &
delivered her over. I drove Bill Mule to Town Saul went with
me. Alfred Harrison & another man put up there horses at McGows
stable They were both shaved & U.S. found on there shoulders
It is put on with Costick & Nitrick assit of Silver, so says
the Doctors

Sun 26
The Wind shifted last night to the West, this morning to the
N. W. & is turning cold, is cloudy looks like falling weather
this morning.

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