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came on they have all stayed in one house We have kept
them from the rest of the Negroes & the rest from them as
much as possible Kept them byh them selves No others have yet taken it.
It rained last night, or this morning rather, the Wind is Sat 30
in the West & North Caleb is taking our posts on the Turn
Caleb pike road that is around our young Orchard & making a hen house

after splitting them up he must account for it some way --

Hay I made a contract with Tom McCanless (Coloured) to cut hay
he boards himself shocks & saves it, the one half for the

other. He is to commence next Tuesday
The morning was clear William & Mag went to Meeting
Sun 1st
October McCains Church

1865 This morning is clear & quite cool No frost but a heavy
Oct 2d
Diew the blacks are all getting along as usual No more sick

I wen t to Town Many people there I got up a petition to

alter or change the rode through Francis premises & a Jury

appointed but found the law so changed that it requires 5

days notice to Francis which is not done, have to try again

Tues 3d I went to Town found Francis angry about the rode. I let

him sweat There are a good many sick with fever

Wed 4 William & Mag went to Town She got shoes that did not fit
William )
Mag ) & wanted me to take them back I stayed at home It will frost

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