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Beef to night The Wind is in the North this evening & Cold

We killed a little beef this morning

Th 5 I went to Town but verry few people there News that Wm
No such news is truth
Robery Langham was killed last evening & that there was robery
of the Citizens of Mt Pleasant Wed night (the Jews were robed)

Frost A verry heavy frost this morning 1st frost here
Fri 6 William & Mag went to Town I stayed at home Press & Tom

William & ) McCanless & Webb are getting hay Tom is cutting one half for
Mag )
the other Webb, Press, Plim & West did not pick Cotton they

cut Hay & shelled Corn & cut hay William & Mag is staying

Frost to night in Town (theater) they may come home yet Some

frost this morning
I settled up with Tom (Coloured) for his work & bought his
Sat 7
Tom $5.00 ) part of the hay he cut this week, paid him $5.00 for it, he
hay )
is to go on longer cutting hay & divide one half for the other

I went to Town No particular news there are a good deal of

sickness Cotton getting up to 39 cents in Nashville

1865 The weather has moderated verry much looks like Indian
Octr )
Sunday ) Summer -----
(Wm & Mag)
William & Mag went to Meeting (McKeans) All is getting

along only tolerable all is well except my self I have

not been verry well taken cold. Joints & limbs stiff, not able

to get about with ease.

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