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1867 Novr Thurs 14 } The morning is a little cloudy & smokey & turned some warmer
Thomas L. Porter } My son Thomas came last evening & spent the night with us his family & Mary's are all well.
Wash 2 loads } I got 2 loads of Corn of Wash making in all 8 loads for me up to this time
Caleb 2 loads } Caleb 2 loads of Corn Jack's Wagon. Richd Trotter married Lou Webster tonight & sent me some cake

Fri 15 The morning clear & calm & smokey
Caleb 2 loads } I got 2 loads of Corn of Caleb Jack's wagon.
Ab Hannah }I went to Town after dinner I saw Ab Hannah he promised to let me have some pork when he killed hogs.
party at Jaggers }A considerable party of Negroes & danced all night at Jaggers tonight Sanford give it I learn, they made a considerable fuss all night.
Rankin's Hogs Colery } I see Mr Rankin's hogs in our woods lotts have the Colery & dying

Sat 16 The morning is smokey & dark but calm & clear.
Jim $5. I paid Jim this morning $5.00 on my little note. I got $1.00 worth of beef
beef Preston $1.00 William Hamon Mississippi } I loaned Preston $1.00 to git beef William & Hamon left last Saturday night upon the cars for Wm D. Mayes We have not heard from them since they left
Jacks Corn } Jack halled me a load of Corn, & one for him self to Town

Sun 17 The morning is quite cold Wind from the North & clear.
Bull We got Hedspeth White Bull last night braught him home he stands him at $5.00 tho I pay nothing. It has turned cooler

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