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George & (
Preston ) We enlarged our hog pen 200 more rales George & Preston

worked all day at it
Tus 28 ) The morning is clear cold calm & frosty I went to Town
( (
Frost ) Little has filed his answer to my bill &c denies &c ) bot
Puss ( (
Clary ) Clary a dress $1.25
Wed 29 The morning is clear calm & quite cool

George H. got a Midling of Bacon weighed 11 lbs at .20 Cents
George (
$2.20 ) pr lb $2.20

Wm I went to Town after dinner Wm did not git home last night

George H. ) halled a lode of Corn to my hogs out of Caleb & Monk's field
Self (
Corn ) George got a load of Corn to feed his hogs & one for me out

of his field
1869 ( The morning is clear calm & a little cool
Sept )
Th 30 ( Thomas & his little family is this morning starting to move to
Sept )
there new bilding they took some things yesterday evening and
Thos )
moving ( has there wagon loaded early this morning
home )
Thomas has got 2 of the rooms of his house finished & will go

into it with his little family & things this morning. I have

enjoyed myself with them through my affliction verry agreeable

indeed his children has been with me & taken up & satisfyed

with me & with William & it pains me verry much to see them

leave but they are not going far William is pestered at there

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