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Hillsboro. 1st Jany 1822

Dr Sir

Enclosed is a Note prepared for discount at the office established at Fayetteville by the United States Bank for the purpose of Discount & deposit. Will thank you to procure its discount, if in your power I am yours truly J Taylor

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John Taylor January 1822

Thomas Ruffin esq Raleigh

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Needs Review

Petersburg 10th Jany 1822

Mr. Thos Ruffin

Dear Sir

will you be good enough to let me know what arrange ments you have made with Mr Momack & A. Masons I am am in hopes they are securd

am extremely anxious to bring the business of the concern of H & [Branch?] as soon as possible you will therefore oblidge me by bringing the different claims you have got to afavorable issue as quick as possible

Yours Resp [&c?] James S. Branden

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Bishop Brandon Janu 7 1822

Thomas Ruffin Esq Hillsborough NC

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Warrenton Jan. 14 1822

Dr Sir - I have just got home to find a letter from Mr. Barksville in which he enquires as to the state of his claim against Mr. H. Thompson & others & says he has written to you several times on the subject & has not heard from you.

I had supposed the money[?] would long since have been made - I am unable to give Mr. B. any information. Will you be good enough to write on the state of this to Mr. B. or myself. I feel mortified as Mr. B. seems to think himself ill treated -

The boy is just starting to turn by whom I have to send this - Yours truly G.E. Badger

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