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He is naturally fond of music and probally expects that
she will begin to warble very soon, but he must be
disappointed this time for she has had a throat complaint
and the Doctor has forbidden any singing at present
Well, Miss Carrie, was kissed to her hearts content,
comfortably seated in Mr Murphy's lap, and I took off
her things and carried them away. Then came tea.
After that we all spent a social, pleasant evening together
Carrie and I slept together that night, how natural and
how good it seemed. __ She is yet weak, and looks pale
and delicate but will soon be well I hope.
Wednesday. April 28th Pleasant. Commenced reading [Dr?]
Pompilius by Florian a French writer of the last century.
I found it very interesting and instructive.
Was busy most of the day, but caught up my book at
every chance opportunity. Carrie and I found it very
pleasant to be together again. Made some ginger-bread
for her, she being very fond of it. Mr Hutchingson spent
the evening very pleasantly with us. In the course
of conversation "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was mentioned
and elicited a very warm discussion on the subject
of Slavery. It was argued principally by Mr Hutching
Mary E. and Harriet: the first two being pro-slavery
the latter anti-slavery. Harriet's part was the best
sustained. Doubtless from the fact that she was in the
right; and they most obviously wrong.

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