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she also stated that he would resign as Mayor
on account of being probate judge as his [last?]
would be accepted by the county.
The Petition from John E. Josephsen &
Soren Petersen was read and ordered to
be laid on the table.
An appropriation was made of 2bsh wheat
& C. G. Larsen and also 3 1/2 bsh wheat
& John Schofield. Closing Prayer by Bishop Olsen
Dec. 17. 1878. City Countil met in the tithing office.
Called to order by the Mayor. Prayer by Bishop
Olsen. The following resolution in consideration
of the remarks made at the last meeting by
the Mayor was made. That we the City Council
of Spring City tenders to the family and friends of
our worthy brothers and esteemed friends and mem-
ber of our City Council Pres. Orron Hyde our sin-
cere feelings of regret and deeply sympathize
with them in their bereavement.
Several of the members talked about the vacancy
in the council, but no action was taken.
The assesor & collector for T Elles made a
statement regarding the City Taxes and that some
desired to evade the payment. He desired
to know what position to take. The Council in
structed him to gather as much as he could
and as soon as possible.
Ten Doll. ($10.00/00) was appropriated for two coppies
of the compiled Laws of Utah for the use of

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