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Tuesday, August 10,1880.
The newly elected council of Spring City
for the sixth term assembled at the Tithing
office. Called to order by the May C.G.
Larsen. Prayer by the Mayor.
Jacob Johnson applied for the right of trans
fer of five acres of water right from land on
Peter Sorensen's ditch to a ditch on the
Flat which was granted by the Council
for the remainder of the season
It was moved seconded and carried that all
taxable property within the Corporate limits
of Spring City be taxed at one half of one per
cent for the year 1880. Upon the following
valuationhouses thereon from $25. to $600.;
Horse teams with harness from $40. to $100.
per span; Oxen from$40. to $50. per yoke;
Cows $12 1/2 each; Three year old stears $12 1/2
per head; Two year.olds $7 each; yearlings
$3. per head; sheep $2. each; Wagons from
$70. downwards
A resolution was passed assessing the City tax at
one half of one per cent. For the year 1880.
[Souritz?]Larsen asked the privilage of placing
poles on the side walk north of his city lot for
a short time requested granted.

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