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Council adjourned for 2 weeks, Prayer by F.
Tuesday, August 24, 1880.
City Council met in the tithing office. Councilor
F.Olsen presiding. Prayer by F Olsen.
Councilor O. Ungerman applied for a butchers
license for Louis Olsen for a period of three
months dating from August 23,1880, which was
granted on payment of ($2 50/100) Two and fifty hun-
dredth Dollars.
A blank schudle was read from the Census
Department regarding police and [Souritz?]larsen
and John R.Baxter were appointed a committee
to fill the schudle up.
Council adjourned Sine Die. Prayer by R Justesen
Tuesday Sept. 14, 1880.
City Council met in the tithing office.
Mayor Larsen presiding. Prayer by John Schofield
John R.Baxter applied for a license for
the People Store for a period of six months
dating from July 26,1880. which was granted
on payment of Five Dollars ($5.).
Four Dollars and fifty cents ($4 50/100) were
appropriated to W.T.Reid for commiss
ion certificates for City officers.
Six Dollars ($6.) were appropriated to [Souritz?]
Larsen for bonds and certificates for City officers
Councilor Larsen stated that the assessor
and Collector had not finished his assessment

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