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list and desired more time. The council agreed
to extend the time for the assessor and collector
to make his returns to the council from the 15th
day of Sept. 1880 to the 25 dayof Sept., A.D.1880.
A resolution was passed extending the time for
the assessor & collector to make his returns to the
council, from the 15th day of Sept., to the 25th day of
Sept. A.D. 1880.
The resignation of C.G.Larsen as Mayor
on account of removal was read and accepted
A vote of thanks was passed to C.G.Larsen
for his services as Mayor.
Council adjourned till Friday Sept. 17,1880.
Prayer by H.O. Bergerman
Friday Sept. 17, 1880.
Council met in the tithing office. It was
moved by John Schofield, seconded by T.R.Allred
and carried that F.Olsen act as chairman.
Prayer by H.O.Bergerman.
The chairman stated "on account of the resig-
nation of C.G.Larsen it would be necessary
to appoint a Mayor".
It was moved, seconded and carried that Rasmust
Justesen be appointed Mayor of Spring City in
place of C.G.Larsen resigned.
An ordinance was drafted and passed appoint-
ing Rasmus Justesen Mayor of Spring City.
The resignation of Rasmus Justesen as a city
councilor was read and accepted. Council

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