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adjourned Sine Die. Prayer by T.R.Allred.
Saturday Sept. 25th 1880.
City Council met in the tithing office. called to
order by Mayor Justesen. Prayer by T.B.Allred.
James Christesen the assessor & collector presented
the assessment roll for the current year.
The council agreed to meet as a board of equal-
ization on Wednesday Sept.29th 1880 rom 3 to
6 o'clock p.m.
The recorder was instructed to post public notices
informing the tax payers; that those who were
not satisfied with this assessment could meet
with the City Council from 3 to 6 o'clock on Wednes-
day Sept.29, AD.1880.
Council agreed that wheat be taken in on City
taxes at 75 cent per bsh; and Oats at #1 1/2 per
cwt. for the year 1880.
A Resolution regarding the price of wheat and
oats on [atz]taxes for the year 1880 was passed.
Council adjourned till Wednesday Sept 29, 1880.
Prayer by Souritz Larsen.
Wednesday Sept.29th 1880.
Council met in the tithing office,
Called to order by Mayor Justesen, Prayer by Souritz
Larsen. The assesment roll was considered;
but the assesor not being present the council
adjourned till Thursday Sept.30.1880,
Prayer by Mayor Justesen.

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