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{170 words}adjourned Sine Die. Prayer by H.O.Ungerman.
{Dec.1.1880}Council met in the Tithing Office. Called to order by the
Mayor R.Justeson. Prayer by H.O.Ungerman. Moved by
L.Larsen seconded by F.Olsen that I.F.Allred be appoin-
ted city recorder.carried. An Ordinance was then drafted
and passed appointing I.F.Allred city recorder for Spring
City. The following report was then ready by L.Larsen
in behalf of the finance committee. Balance in the
Treasury Nov.24.1880. In wheat 92 bushels and 58 lbs.
In cash $42.15.
In Store Orders $11.30.
In Lumber 250 feet @ 2 cents $5.00.
Report accepted. Adjourned till Dec.14.1880.
{100 words}Prayer by L.Larson.
Tuesday Oct 26.1880. Council met in the Tithing Office. Called to order
by Mayor Justeson. Prayer by F.Olsen. The Mayor
then made some preliminary remarks. said he
wished soon to see a final settlement with the Ex
Treasurer. F.Olsen said it was necessary to appoint
a finance committee and a judiciary committee
which was talked about and laid over. The ressignation
of John R.Baxter as city recorde an account of business
in Europe was accepted. Several names were presented
and talked about as City Recorder, after which F.Olsen
was requested to see I.F.Allred with regard the acceptance
of said office. A bill of articles was presented by the Head Water
Master was taken up but again laid over. Adjourned till
Tuesday Nov.2.1880. Prayer by J.Schofield.

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