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Spring City, Dec.14.1880.
Council met in the Tithing Office. Called to
order by the Mayor R.Justeson. Prayer by I.M.
Allred. Former minutes read and accepted.
A petition in relation to certain streets was read
and a committee consisting of H.O.Ungerman
appointed to examine said streets and report
at the next meeting.
A bill of expenses was presented by the Finance
Committee amounting to $26. which amount was
appropriated as follows:
To C.G.Larsen for $services as Mayor $0.50
To R.Justeson as Mayor $2.35
To F.Olsen as City councilor $3.25
To Jno.Schofield as City councilor $3.00
To H.O.Ungerman as City councilor $2.00
To T.B.Allred as city councilor $3.45
To I.M.Allred as city councilor $1.50
To J.R.Baxter as city Recorder $6.65
To Sanford Allred as city Marshal $1.50
Also a bill of $2.50 was appropriated to R.W.Allred.
for work on city ditches. $5. was appropriated to
F.Olsen for house rent for city purposes for two years
ending Apr.31.1881. Moved and carried that a committee
of two consisting of L.Larsen and I.M.Allred be appointed
to attend to the deeds of city lots. Adjourned till
Tuesday Dec.22.1880 at 6 p.m. dismissed by L.Larsen.
{200 words}I.F.Allred City Recorder.

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