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A cookery book with index, containing recipes for preserves, cakes, wines, and household remedies [manuscript], 1694

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The Index Red gingerbread in pg 1st Fruit Bistkett's in pg 1st White Cakes in pg 2nd The Lady Bethells Cake pg 2nd The Light Balls - in pg 3rd The Lady North: marchpane in pg 3rd The Boyle Cakes in pg 4th Queen Cakes in pg 4th Seed Cakes in pg 4th The Lady Bridgwaters Cake pg 6th Sugar Cakes in pg 5th Mackrounes in pg 5th Bisketts in pg 5th A Plum Cake in pg 7th Queen Eliz Cake in pg 8th A seed cake in pg 9th To make Cracknalls in pg 9th Red Ginger Bread An }10th Other way in pg The Lady Strouds Cake pg 11th Corren Berry Wine in pg 12th To make Meed in pg 12th Gousberry Wine in pg 13th Elderberry Wine in pg 13th Chockolate in pg 14th Poppy Brandy in pg 14th Aqua mirabolis in pg 14th Cowslip Wine in pg 15th To make meed in pg 15th || The Index To Presarve Jelly } in pg 18th of Rasp's Jelly of Rasps an other way pg 18th Jelly of curran berryes pg 18th Jelly of Sheep feet in pg 19th Jelly of Cream in pg 19th White Lesh in pg - 21st Lesh of divers colors pg 21st White Jelly in pg 20th To make a Cream } with ye dresing of Snow pg 21st Leomon Cream in pg 22nd Buttered Oringes pg 22nd Almond Butter in pg 23rd Butter'd Oringes pg 23rd White Lesh in pg 24th Sweet Water pg - 24th A Sack Posett pg 24th A Tansey - in pg 25th A Cream Cheese pg 25th French Pufs - pg 26th A Sillebub - 26 th A Crudo Puding pg 26th A Dish of Pudings pg 26th A Shakeing Pudin pg 27th A Plane Pudin pg 27th 2 Doz Rise Pudings pg 27th To Towr Apricock's pg 28th To Towr Apricocks 28th To Dry Peares pg 28th To dry Grapes pg 29th

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3 To Make The Light Balls Take 2 ounces of Jordan Almonds blancht and finely beaten putting to ym in ye Beating, A quarter of A Pint of Damask Rose Water and 4 graines of Musk Grind These well together till it be as white as milk; then Strane the Rose Water hard from ye Almond's, and in it Lay some gumme tragagant to Steep and when it is steeped Anough. Straine it Againe, and then take A Pound of Dubble Refined Sugar finely searsed and the White of A new lay'd Egg and 2 or 3 Graines of Amber Grease and beat ym together in ye Morter with the White water untill it comes to a Perfect Paist, yn make it up in Balls or what forme you please and lay them. uppon Paper's and be carefull of ym in the Bakeing as to ye temper of ye Oven if you observe to makeing and the Bakeing ym Right they will be as white as Snow and as light as Puffes.

The Lady Northumberland's Marchpane the Best Way Take A Pound of Almond's Putt ym into warme Water and as you blanch ym Putt ym into cold Water then take them out and dry ym with A Cloth and Beat them in A Stone Morter in the Beating Putt in A spoonfull or 2 of Damask Rose water to keep ym from turning to Oyle, yn have 3 quarter's of A Pound of Dubble Refined Sugar Ready beaten and searsed, when the Almonds Are Beaten Enough, put ye sugar into ye morter and mix ym together yn take ym out of ye moreter and Putt ym in A Silver dish. and sett it upon a chafen dish of charCole and lett ym dry then make ym up into Round Cakes as thich as your finger and as big as you Please and put them on White Papers yn putt ym under your Pan for ye Purpose to Bake and Putt fire over ym butt not two hot when one Side is dry turne the other yn take ym out and lett ym be cold, then Ice them with Rose Water and sugar and lett them be Putt under ye Pan to dry lett not ye fire be very Hott

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