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For a Glister for the Collicke
of any other Paine in the Gutts com=
ming of Cold

{My Mother
A Fanshawe}

Make a pint of Possett drinke with a handfull of Pellistory
of the wall, and as much of Mallowes, Fennellseeds, Anniseeds
and Cummin seeds halfe an ounce of each, boile it to halfe a pint,
then putt in a quarter of a Spoonefull of Salt, a great Spoonefull
of Course Sugar, oile of Violets and oile of Roses of each a spoone=
full, if it be for a Child a Quarter of an ounce of Seeds will
serve. This is an approved good Medicine and cured me in a
desperate Fever.

A Caudell for the Bloody Fluxe
{My Mother: A Fanshawe}
Take a pint of Red Wine and the Volker of five new laid Eggs,
a little Cinnamon, 2 Spoonfuls of Loafe sugar, half a quarter of
an ounce of the peele of Pomegranates dried and beaten to fine
power, boil them in a Platter upon a Chaffendish of Coales,
until it thicken. Let the patient eat it morning and Evening,
and if you will oftner, and it will suddenly cure you.

A Most Excellent Vomit
{My Lady Beadles
Ann Fanshawe}

Take of Crocus metallorum made into fine power one ounce,
Let it stand infusing in a quart of the best sack for a day or two
jogging it, or shaking the Glafe twice a day. Then let it stand
24 hours untouched. When you [ufe] it drain out very gently the Wine; that it may run pure from the Crocus Powder. To a
stronger body you may give an ounce and a half, to a weaker body one ounce, after every vomit let the patient drink warm
Posset Ale with Butter in it, Let them neither sleep or drink
warm drink till their vomit has done working.

An approved Medicine for the Convulsion fits
{Mrs. Nenre
Ann Fanshawe}

take as much assafatida as a white Pea is, dissolve it in a
spoonful of Posset drink 3 or 4 mornings and let the pati=
ent wear some Assafatida about his Necke too.

A Diet Drink
{Mrs. Nenre
A. Fanshawe}

Take a peck of Seuruy grasse, water Cresses half a peck, 2 good
handfuls of Brooke Lime, Liverworst, Longwort, Scabrous, Agri=
mony, Horebound, Hartstongue, Saxafrage, Pimpernell, Tamaris,
Broad Plantaine, Wood Betony, Angelica, Cardias, Wormwood,
Rosemary, Red Sage, Endive, Succory, Borrage, wilde Marjoram of
each a good handful. You must boyle these herbes in nort half an
houre, One ounce of Nutmegs, one ounce of Ginger, one ounce
of liquorice, one ounce of Anniseeds, Red Dockroots 6 ounces, sweet
Fennell seeds half an ounce, bruise your seeds, slice your Nutmegs
and Ginger and Dockrootes. you must put all these Seeds and Spices
in a Bagg and hang the Bag in the drinke. You may drinke of it
6 or 7 dayes. This is an excellent Drinke for any Rheumatick
Body that is inclined to a Dropsie.

An Excellent way to make Suppositors
{My Lady Bedles
Ann Fanshawe}

Take 2 ounces of Gumm Dragon, steepe it in Damaske Rose wa=
ter a night, putt it into a Morter, then have ready beat of the best
Roch Allum, as much as will make the Gumm into a Past, beat it well in
the Morter, then take it out, rowle it into the fashion of Suppositors,
and when they be dry putt them up in a Boxe & keepe theme for your
use, they will keeep seaven years if you doe not use them

Against the biting of a Mad Dogge taight by Sir Kenelm Digby
{Sir K. D.
A. Fanshawe}

Crabbs clawes taken in June or the beginning of July, & beat to
power, & therof as much as will lye upon a shilling drunke in 1/2 a
pinte of warme Milke is a most excellent Receipt for any body that
hath bene bitten by a Mad Dog.

A Medicine for the [Gaundersy] by Experience I have found most Excellent
{My Lady Bedles}
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