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the canker with it has hard as You can well Suffer it. This doe 3 severall
dayes. Then take only Mel Rosarum warmd, and apply it 3 or 4 times
a day to heale the Canker, which perhaps the other application though
it hath cured may seeme to have made worse.

A Medicine for the Head Ache
{Earle of Cleveland}Take in oranges cutt them in Quarters, then put them into two
{Ann Fanshawe}Gallons of scalding hott Spring Water, & let it stand till You can
put Your Feet in it, then rub the Soles of your Feet with you Oranges,
this will refresh You and in 12 houres will take away your Cold,
& much sooner your Head Ache. This is good also after a journey
to refresh you.

A Medicine for the Stomach Collicke
{My Mother}XTake a new laid Egge, open it and putt into it 2 graines of Am-
{A Fanshawe}ber Greece, stirre it about till your Egge is thorow hott, But no
more, then eate it fasting two houres after it. This doe mor=
nings together, and it will cure You.

An Approved Medicine for the Itch
and to coole the Liver

{Lady Bedles}Take Endiffe, Succory, Sorrell, Strawberry Leaves of each
{A Fa}a handfull, Borage, Buglosse, Hartstongue, of each 1/2 a
handfull, French Barley 2 handfulls, of Blew Currants one -
ounce. Seeth them all in a pottle of running water to 3 pints
Before you take it from the Fire putt in a good handfull of Bor=
age Flowers, 2 ounces of Scena Leaves, a quarter of an ounce
of Anniseeds, Seeth them againe a little, take it from the
Fire, and cover the Pott, & let it cooke, Straine it hard
through a Strainer and putt in 6 Spoonfulls of Vinegar 2 spoon=
fulls of Powder Sugar, drinke thereof every day lukewarme - 5 oun=
ces & fast 2 hours after it. If you have more then 4 stooles a day take

it but every Second day. You must end the drinking thereof by ye
midst of Aprill

A Plaister to kill the Wormes
{Lady Bedles}XTake of Wormwood & Rue of each a like Quantity, Stamp & straine
{A Fan}them, & putt to the juice 6 drops of the gall of a Bullock, & putt there
to the Powder of Aloes and make a Plaister thereof, & lay it to the
[Nable] the Breadth of a Schilling, If the Child have the Wormes ye
Plaister will abide still if not it will fall from the [Nable].

A Vulnerary Liquour
{Sir K. Digby}Take an ounce of Crabs Eyes (oculi canerorum) beat them to
{A Fan}small Powder, putt them into a deepe Jarre Glasse, poure upon them 6
ounces of the Strongest white Wine Vinegar, It will presently
worke up to a great height and loyle strongly, when it [allayes] wor-
king stirre it with a Stick or Spatule to the Bottome to quicken
the operation after an houre or two or more You may poure the
Liquor through a reasonable fine Linnen Cloth, & give thereof
to the Patient 2 or 3 Spoonfulls at a time in the morning fasting
in ye Evening an hour & a halfe before Supper, & at night an houre
before going to Bed. It is singular good for all Ulcers, for broken Bones,
for Women in labour, to void [grauell], & it is a great strengthener of the
inner Parts.

{A Fan}A Possett for one an innard Bruise
Take a Possett drinke made of white wine a little Balme, a
pretty quantity of Venice Turpentine, stirre it together & drink it
warme, also to putt in either Slate, or Stone Pitch or Parma Ceti
is excellent for a Bruise.

A Glister for a Child that hath Wormes
{A Fan}taught by Doctor Bayly

Take Wormwood, Rue, Sothernwood, Camomile, Lavender Cotton, Mallow,

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