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the hearb Mercurie and Violett Leaves of each 1/2 a hand=
ful, boyle all these together in 3 pints of Water, when it is 1/2
consumed straine it and putt to it a Spoonful of honey of
Oyle of Camomile Violets and Rue of each 1/2 an ounce, & the
quantity of a hasell nutt in Salt, stirre it well together, and so
give it. With this Medeicine I cured a Child of mine y had a
desperate Feaver caused by the Wormes.

Mrs. Coply's drinke.
{A Fan} Take a naile pinte of unslakt Lime, putt it into a great Stone
pott then putt to it 6 quarts of Spring Water, cover it and let it
stand 24 houres, then put to it 4 Ounces of ye best Liquorish
scraped, and sliced, and 2 Ounces of Saxafrage sliced, 2 Ounces
of Anniseeds bruised. Let it stand 24 houres more, then straine
it, drinke of it thrui in a day a Quarter of a pinte at a time,
or more if You find occasion. The time is in the morning,
fasting, at 3 of the Clocke in the afternoone, & at night
when you gos to Bed. It is good for any ulcer in the Body o=
ther in ye Kidneys, Bladder, or mother. It is good to strengthen
the Liver. It hash cured the Dropsie, & is a great cleaner of
the blood from any putrefaction that is in it.

An Excellent Receipt for any weakenes in the Back
{Lady Bedles
A Fan}

Take of white Amber well prepared, and of Sugar of Roses of
each 4 Ounces, of fine Nutmegs in powder 2 drachmes, mixe t
hem well, and putt them in a Boxe for your use. Drinke in a
morning fasting 2 Spoonfull of this powder in a good draught
of Milke warme from the Cow, and fast 2 houres after.

A Cooling Broth for one that is in a Feaver
{My Mother A Fan} Take a Chicken, and boyle it in 3 pints of water, putt into it Time,
Rosemary of each one slip, Cinquefoile and Straw Berry Leaves
of each 1/2 a handful, a little bunch of unripe Grapes the bottome
of a Manchett, Let it boyle untill 1/2 be consumed, then let it settle,
& drinke the Cleare as often as you have a mind to it.

A Strengthening and Cooling Broth
{My Mother A Fan} Take a good bigg Chicken, and the Bones of a Knuckle of Veale,
boyle them in a pottle of water to somewhat lesse than a Quart, putt
therein 10 Raisins of the Sunne stoned, 5 Leaves of Buglosse & 2
Leaves of Succorie, 5 Leaves of Endive, & 2 Sprigs of Time & one
Sprigg of Rosemary, & one of sweet Marjoram, together with the
bottome of a Manchett, and when it is boyled enough straine it and
let it settle, Then poure out the cleare into a pott, & give the same
as often as the sicke Party requires it, & make as often fresh as You

A Rare Medecine for a Thrush in the Mouth for a Child or Old Body
{My Br. Warw A Fan} Take stress of the purest Scarlett you can get & with a [Shouell] made
redd hott burne it in it, & with ye same Quantity of Homemade into
fine powder mingle it rubb the Party's Mouth till it bleed & in few times
using it, it will cure it, be it never so dangerous.

A Purge for a Child
{Mr. Battersby A Fan} Eight graines of Aloes is a fit quantity for a purge for a Child, taking
one houre & a halfe after it, a glister made of 3 quarters of a pinte of
Milke, and 2 great Spoonful of honey dissolved in it.

for a Child that hath the Rukets
To anoint their Limbs with Dog Grease every Evening, & in very short
time it will cure him.
{A Fan} Take a handfull of red Sage, a handfull of Tops of Rosemary, a handfull

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