SC62, Samuel Wilmot Fonds: Letterbook, 1886-1889



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Help the ROM Library and Archives transcribe the 900+ pages of this letter book of Samuel Wilmot (1822-1899), a pioneering pisciculturist who initiated and led Canada's fish-culture program between 1868 and 1895. Wilmot established a hatchery in Newcastle, ON, intending to save the Lake Ontario salmon. When that effort failed, he turned to hatching other native species and introducing exotic fishes, such as Pacific salmon in eastern Canada. Wilmot established 15 federal fish hatcheries across Canada and was a key participant in an international network of fish culturists in the nineteenth century. This letter book is a record of Wilmot's correspondence in his capacity as Superintendent of Fish Culture between 1886-1889, principally to Mr. John Tilton, Deputy Minister of Fisheries. Transcription collaborators and volunteers: William Knight (Curator of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ingenium: Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation, Ottawa); Brendan Edwards (Department Head, Library and Archives, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto); Anne Somers-Mountjoy (Volunteer); Nick Clemens (Volunteer)


945 pages: 5% transcribed, 6% needs review
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