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hold dear to my heart.
A few days ago your
welcome letter arrived
and its contents gave
me pleasure for I miss
you and dear Tim,
and it tells me you
will return in Feb and
you will remain through
the summer. Dear Lydia
will be glad to be at
her lovely house in Menlo
I can picture her joy
over the Christmas Tree
I reached home the
day after Christmas,
and felt more happy
to get home than I did
to go. It is a gloomy
month so much rain and
fog. But everything looks
spring like at Menlo

and vegetation is very
rank. I have spent two
days there this week. I met
young Mr. Felton at the
depot he was chatty and
expressed much pleasure
that you would be back
for the summer, he prized
your friendship and your
extreem [sic] kindness to Mrs
. They are expecting
Mrs. Elkins to come and
make a visit, but if
she does not come Mrs
will go to her and
visit. Jennie Flood made
me a little visit yesterday
they are still at Menlo
and do not intend to
come to the City this
winter, both have had
bad colds, and in a few

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