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It was understood that Mary would not be burried until Hamon come home. We learn that Hamon got home to Town this morning at 11 oclock & that he went on to Bigby tho there is no certainty it is so.
Charly Work $6.00 ) Charley is to come to work at $6.00 pr month Commenced Court

Tu 29 The morning is clear & cold & frost
Mag Cincinatta ) Mag went in the Bugga to Jack's intending to go on with him to Cincinnata to take his little boy to the Doctor at that place
Nales 28 lbs $2.80 ) George went got some beef 16 lbs of fore pennie nales 6 lbs of 8 pennies 6 lbs of 6 pennies all at 10 cents pr lb $2.80 also $1.00 Sugar beef $1.55 all $5.85 & George kept .50
Calvin George & George H ) George H. George & Calvin is at work on the Smoke house & John is picking out cotton in George H. place.
Caleb 2 loads of Corn ) I got 2 Wagon loads of Corn of Caleb One was my wagon & the other was Jack Patton's Wagon See 26
We finished putting on the sheeting planks sawing of the ends & putting up the box & cornice & Baseboard I am ready to go to Shingling
B. B, heard nothing from B Bigby today

Oct 30 1867
Here appear two sketches of plans for a smoke house
We have finished & completed the house all but some minor little things the 30 day of October 1867 the finishing & painting is not yet done, but we are using it

1867 Oct Wed 30
The morning is cloudy & cold Wind from the North. William came home last night after 9 oclock & left this morning before sun up
Mary ann burried ) Mary ann was burried yesterday having been kept up from last

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