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by inserting after the word "elected" the words "by the Board of Trustees". Carried.

Judge Parker thought that Dr. Maddry was wise in what he said about section 6 and thought that if we elected a chancellor of the University system, it would get abroad that we were creating a new office. He thought it should be settled not and that we should give him the name that he has always had.

Mr. J. K. Wilson inquired if this was before the house and whether we were considering 5 or 6.

Mr. Daniels said: "We have no disagreement in the principle. We all favor one executive head. The difference as to what he is called may be said to be minor, but I think it very important. I should hate for it to go out into North Carolina tomorrow that what this Board did was to create more overhead. I am opposed to any increase of overhead. I believe that we have in these three men one that should be selected as president of the University." He moved that section five be amended to read as follows: "That a single executive be the head of the University and that his title and time of his Election be determined at a meeting of the Board of Trustees to be called in the month of October of this year, and that until the Board meets and elects that the three presidents of the three institutions serve as presidential directorate with the assistance, if available, of Dr. Kelly and Dr. Works, as adviser or coordinator."

Mrs. Brown asked if we have to get some one to take the place of that president.

Dr. Maddry said should we not say that we are to have one executive head to be president of the University of North Carolina?

Mr. Whedbee stated that this should be taken up when section six is taken up. Amendment offered by Mr. Daniels is in relation to section six and not five.

Mr. Hartsell said that he did not see any reason to change the wording of section five. He thought this section should pass as it now reads.

Mr. Daniels withdrew his motion.

Dr. Maddry moved the adoption of a president and three vice presidents.

Mr. J. K. Wilson heartily approved of Dr. Maddry's suggestion

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that we have a president and three vice-presidents so that no dignity will be taken from separate institutions.

Mr. Gold favored Mr. Daniels' motion.

Dr. Maddry's motion that "Chancellor" be stricken out and "president" inserted and also that "president" be stricken out and "vice-president" inserted was carried.

Mr. Mangum recommended a special committee of five to make a study and make a report. Motion withdrawn.

Mr. Whedbee moved the adoption of Section 7.

Dr. Maddry asked Dr. Works to explain the section.

Dr. Works said that the comptroller was an aid to the president and Mr. F. L. Jackson explained what comptroller means.

Section 7 was adopted.

Judge Winston moved that section 8 be adopted. Carried.

Section 9 was adopted.

Mr. Whedbee moved that "consolidated institution" be stricken out and the word "University" inserted. Amendment carried and section 10 adopted.

Mr. Mangum moved to amend section 11 by striking out the word "system". Amendment carried and section 11 adopted.

Mr. Mangum moved to strike out the word "system" wherever it occurs. Carried.

Mr. Lewis said that he had not talked to either of the three presidents, but he doubted if they would agree on this report.

Judge Townsend said that the presidents brought in these recommendations. This makes the cost of operating your graduate system three times as much as to have one.

Section 12 is adopted.

Mr. Mangum moved the adoption of section 13. Carried.

Mr. Murphy doubted the wisdom of adopting section 14 because it is covered by statute. This should be left to the heads who should make recommendation as to what should be done.

The Governor said that was the purpose.

Mr. Hartsell said that the last part of section 14 might give the wrong impression. Let the new president work that out and present it to the Legislature but he thought that it should not be on a system of merit.

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Mr. Boyd moved that section 14 be postponed until next meeting.

Mr. Jonas moved that section be stricken out. Carried.

Sections 15, 16 and 17 adopted.

Judge Winston moved the adoption of section 18. Carried.

Section 19 adopted.

Dr. Maddry moved the adoption of section 20. Carried.

Section 21 adopted.

Dr. Works explained that "fees" in section 22 meant all general fees and that so far as students in training, there should be no difference in the tuition fees.

Mr. Murphy thought that this matter should be left to the Board of Trustees to work out in detail.

Mr. Lewis moved that section 22 be referred to the Executive Committee for action. Carried.

Mr. Mangum moved that section 25 be stricken out. Carried.

Mr. Haywood Parker moved to amend section 24 by striking out "chancellor" and inserting "president". Carried.

Section 24 adopted.

Mr. Murphy moved that section 25 be stricken out. Carried.

Judge Winston moved that chapter 1, Findings and Recommendations, as amended be adopted. Carried. The amended report is as follows:


That the executive committee of the Board of Trustees be composed of twelve members and be so appointed that the terms of three members shall expire each two years.

That the Governor be ex officio chairman of the executive committee in addition to the other twelve members.

That the executive committee hold at least four regularly scheduled meetings each year--one in each academic quarter.

That the executive committee be given full power to act for the Board of Trustees except at the regular meetings of the board, and be directed to report all of its actions in writing at each meeting of the full board.

That a single executive be the head of the University, and that he be elected by the Board of Trustees to go into office if possible not later than July 1, 1933, and that for the coming year, or until such time as such executive is elected, the three presidents of the three institutions serve as a Presidential Directorate, with the assistance, if available, of a member of the survey committee or Dr. Kelly as adviser or coordinator.

That the chief executive of the University be designated as president and that the head of the separate units be designated as vice president of that unit.

That the consolidated University have a comptroller appointed by the Board of Trustees and responsible to the board through the chief executive, and that such comptroller be employed as early as conveniently possible.

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That an administrative council be established as outlined in the report of the survey committee after such modification as may be found practicable and necessary, and that until a chief executive has been elected the council itself choose its chairman.

That the "University Senate" provided, for in the report be designated as "Faculty Assembly".

That the consolidated institution operate under one director of summer schools, beginning in preparation for the session of 1933.

That the University have one director of extension, beginning in September, 1932, with the details of his duties to be worked out by the Presidential Directorate.

That the University have one director of graduate studies and research, beginning in the fall of 1933.

That all schools of education be changed to departments of education, and that there be a council on education representative of the three branches of the University appointed by the Presidential Directorate, to have under its consideration the possibilities of improvement in the training of teachers and the effective study of education.

That the training of elementary school teachers be transferred to Greensboro, beginning the academic year 1953-1934.

[in margin] §16 omitted * That no new students be admitted to the School of Business of State College beginning with the academic year 1953-34.

That the Presidential Directorate during the academic year 1932-33 make a study of the curricula and courses offered in the University for the purpose of eliminating such courses as may be deemed unnecessary.

That the Presidential Directorate make a study of the administrative organizations of the several branches of the University for the purpose of making them more effective and more economical wherever practicable.

That the Presidential Directorate give careful study to the possibilities of improving the quality of instruction and effecting economies by exchange of teachers and students.

That when major vacancies occur in any of the faculties in the academic year 1932-35 the appointments made should so far as possible be of a temporary nature so as not to interfere with such action as the Board of Trustees on the advice of the chief executive might wish later to take.

That beginning with the summer session of 1933 the fees of the three institutions should be made uniform. (This section was referred to the Executive Committee for action.)

That the Board of Trustees, together with the President of the University, hereafter to be elected, after careful study of the report of the survey committee and such other independent investigations and studies as they deem advisable, shall make from time to time such changes and transfers among the several units as to bring about such further steps in consolidation as shall seem to them to be for the best interest of the University and the State.

Mr. Mangum renewed his motion that a nommittee of five be appointed to make these investigations.

Mr. Hartsell moved as a substitute that the Executive Committee do this. Amendment carried.

Mr. Murphy moved the election of an executive committee of

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9/28/32 - Reg. Exec.


twelve. Carried.

Mr. Whedbee moved that the executive committee be elected by ballot, and nominations be from the floor. Carried.

The following were the nominees with the number of votes received by each:

Mrs. J. W. Cone 60
John Sprunt Hill 57
Walter Murphy 46
Miss Easdale Shaw 44
John J. Parker 44
Josephus Daniels 43
Charles Whedbee 42
S. B. Alexander 42
Clarence Poe 40
Haywood Parker 39
Leslie Weil 37
Charles W. Gold 35
Robert N. Page 34
A. H. Graham 32
Mrs. J. A. Brown 27
K. D. Battle 25
A. B. Andrews 24
C. A. Jonas 23
Irvin Ticker 20
C . W. Tillett, Jr. 19
Stuart Cramer 17
Mrs. E. L. McKee 16
F. D. Winston 15
John W. Hinsdale 13
Claudius Dockery 5
C. E. Maddry 3
The twelve members receiving the highest number of votes constitute the Executive Committee.

Mr. Haywood Parker moved that the Executive Committee draw lots for the representative terms. Carried.

Mr. Hartsell moved that Henry M. London be elected Secretary. Seconded and Carried.

Mr. E. S. Parker moved that the Executive Committeee be given authority to elect the comptroller. Carried.

Governor Gardner stated that the three presidents of these three institutions for the coming year will hold office until such time as such executive is elected to serve as presidential directorate as adviser or coordinator until the President of the University is elected.

Judge Winston moved that the interpretation just announced by the chair be presented to the Board. Carried.

The question arose as to the time and place of the meeting of the Executive Committee and Mr. Murphy moved that the Governor call a meeting of the Committee according to the plan adopted. Carried.

Mr. J. K. Wilson asked if any thing had been done about electing a member of the staff to sit with members of the Executive Committee. This was left to the Executive Committee.

On motion the Executive Committee was authorized to recommend to the full board a president to be the executive head of the University

The meeting then adjourned.

Henry M. London [signature] Secretary

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