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1863. sent to ? to save for ? 1 cow hide green weighing 46th 2 cow dry [illegible] 35 1 Steer dry 15 1 [illegible] dry 8'4 1 calf small dry 2 1/4 11 sheep [illegible] [illegible] 5 goats large all settled 1 dog small 1 colt [illegible] yrs old

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[text outlined top left corner of page] Wedneday the 15 June 1853 1853

Cut the east Rye we had north of the barn & then made fence around the cassel meadow hills ? & dry the oats 10 in to 12 in high & dying in the field

Thursday the 16th June

Finished halling in Rye at cassel place & commenced halling wheat Rained a light shower at 3 oclock Then we went to plowing the corn the first plowing we have done for two weeks on account of dry weather we are now plowing our corn the 3rd time and it will not average knee high a great deal of it not half that high The worms has killed it in some places very bad and we replanted it in may & it has been so dry a great deal of it has not come up yet. The prospects for a corn crop are very gloomy the weather still warm today (89 dg)

Friday the 17th June 1853

Quite cloudy in the morning but cleared away without Rain plowed corn until diner and stoped it is so dry it nearly kills the corn to plow it although the corn is not above knee high too dry to work corn at all

Satruday 18 June

Halled wheat alld ay the wheat that was cut 8 days ago is dry enough to hall in no appearance of Rains

Monday the 20th June 1853

Cut Troy when in the corner south of the meadow 70 Dg on 2 1/4 Acres and perhaps 40 Bu of the grain is verry good it stood until it was dead ripe Halled wheat from the cassel place all day cleared the field & turned the hogs in th stubble verry warm & no rain yet Thermometer stood at 94 Degs

Tuesday the 21 June

Halled wheat all day from the field at the pump

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Tuesday the 7th June 1853

Dry weather no rain for Eight days stoped plowing corn until it rains commenced cutting rye at the corner of the cassel place a light shower of Rain in the evening that the ground one inch only

Wednesday the 8th June 1853

Thined corn for a hour in the morning and then Cut Rye & wheat in the field next mill all day wether cool for the season [??] four cradles all day wheat rather green

Thursday 9th June

Cut wheat in the field near the Blk Smith Shop all day four cradles

Friday the 10th June

Cut Rye in Tanyard Field got done in after noon 90 Dz in field Then cut wheat next mill the balance of the day

Saturday the 11 June 1853

Cut wheat in field at Blk Smith Shop until noon & finished 580 Dz in the field and the grain verry good Sold100 Bu old wheat 62 1/2 cts Bu and 200 Bu corn at 35 cts The hand took holding in the afternoon verry dry weather vegitation suffering verry much Oats verry short & heading

Monday the 13 June 1853

Cut wheat at cassel place all day verry warm in afternoon

Tueady the 14 June

Finished cutting wheat at cassel place had 35 Acres in wheat there and made 653 Dz all good wheat no rust Smut nor scab [haus?] in all this year 1233 Dz wehat except the corner beyond the meadow which is sown in Troy wheat & not cut yet Commenced Halling rye from the corner emtied the field & turned in the hogs got too many hogs over 100 in all it takes too much corn made fence in afternoon around the casel meadow

[text partitioned from above section] verry warm stnads at 94

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Wednesday the 22nd June 1853

Finished Halling wehat & then commenced mowing for the first time this year in some wild grass in the middle of the old meadow Grass tolerable Good considering the dry weather a light shower of rain to day at noon we the ground perhaps a half inch deep plowed our corn in the afternoon we are now about half done plowing our corn the 3rd time

Thursday the 23rd June

Mowed with 2 hands until noon & run 3 plows plowing our corn raiend two light showers to day we the ground 1/2 inch deep wind blowed verry hard at night from a thunder cloud

Friday the 24 June

Plowed corn with 4 plows all day 2 hands (Jack & Anda) mowed & stacked hay all day The grap in the old meadow turns off hay well for the dry season the higher places in the meadow has but little grass but the low we places are verry good

Saturday the 25th June 1853

Thined corn with all hands until noon the ground has been so dry for 4 weeks past we did not thin our corn until it got so large it is injured by not being thined out sooner the ground is still dry but we was bound to think the corn or let it rain for the want of it In the afternoon we plowed the corn in the orchard the 3rd time & stacked hay

Monday the 27th June 1853

Halled in the Troy wheat run 2 plows plowing the corn in every other every other row the 3rd time Three hands mowing to day in the afternoon run 4 plows the corn looks like it would certainly die if it does not rain shortly quite cool to day the Thermometer in the morning being at 60 Dg cool all day

Tuesday 28 June

Finished plowing the corn the 3rd time cut grass all day & finished all the wild grass a little shower of rain at noon but all gone by night

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Wednesday the 29 June 1853

Hoed corn & halled hay all day this day was verry hot Ther at 99 Degrees at 4 o clock

Thursday the 30th June

Commenced cutting oats today the Oats is the shortest I have ever seen being not much above knee hight and verry thin on the ground the shocks does not look larger than three good bundles of oats and verry little grain in the head some has none at all the forwardest heads has the best oats which learn me that oats should be sown early I think they should be sown by the 20th Feb & from that to the first of March & not after that time The late sown oats is not worht cutting and if they were they are so short the cannot be saved we have 89 Acres in oats this year & I think 10 Acres of good oats would be worth more than the 80 acres are I also think oats sown in the fall would do well if the winter is not too cold to kill them which was not the case the past winter The oats among the wheat this year was verry well grained and shoulder high I intend sowing a small price about the 20th of Sept & try it This day was the warmed of the season so far The thermometer at 4 o clock stood at 100 Degrees no rain yet vegetation looks like it would die a great deal of the oats we are cutting is dead & dry

Friday the 1st July 1853

Cut oats all day 3 cradlers & 3 Binders still dry & verry hot thermometer at 100 Dg

Saturday the 2nd July

Cut oats all day Hot & Dry Thermometer at 100 Deg.

Monday the 4 July

Cut oats all day some Showers of rain passing but we got but verry little past enough to lay the dust Deliverd to Puryear & the 50 Bu of the corn I sold them sometime Back

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