Farm Journal, 1853–1866




Thursday 11 May 1854

Rained Teusday & yesterday fine showers and wet the ground good we have been replanting corn also finished breaking out middles at the cassel place on wensday & commenced in the [??] field too wet to plow to day and we set out cabbage plants replanted my oregon peas by fosters house & replanted corn

Teusday 16 May Planted premium acre of corn with coulter yesterday got Done Breaking out middles to day

Wensday 17

Commenced crop plowing at the cassel place ground in fine order I have Been sick 3 days & not well yet

Saturday 20 May

Hoed preium corn and finished crop plowing & hoeing the cord in the cassel field rather Dry

Monday the 22nd May

A first rate season this Evening We the Ground Thoroughly worked the road today

Teusday 23 May 1854

Thined corn to day two wet to plow Our Blacksmith shop burnt up at night loss supposed to be $600 or more planted out 1500 potatoe slips in Ridges

Thursday 24 May

A great deal of rain in day too wet to work [illegible] the Black mare took Phesers Horse to day

Monday the 29 May

Commenced crop plowing corn in the field by [??] to wet last week to plow corn the negroes planted their corn on Saturday

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Teusday 30 June

Rained a light shower to day we set out some potatoe sprout & then plowed our oregon peas at cassel place

Wensday 31 June

Plowed in the field By pump all day with 4 plows & the little force howed corn

Thursday 1 June 1854

Finished Crop plowing all our corn and commenced the Third plowing in the corner next to the Academy it rained last night a good shower & made the ground too wet to plow until noon I sent four hands to help Mr Cuthrell set out Tobacco plants until noon Dan set out some potatoe slips and cabbage plants quite cool to day it requires a good fire to keep warm

Friday 2nd June 1854

Plowed with 2 plows and all the other hands are plowing haling our premium lot of corn it is now over knee high

Saturday the 3 June

Commenced plowing the cassel field of corn the 3rd time with 4 plows Dan & the little ones are hoeing the corn it looks well and the peas are fine Put the Blk Mare to Phesers Horse to day for the last time

Teusday the 6 June

Plowed yesterday at cassel place plowing the corn the 3rd time we have peas in every row we run next the corn with our narrow shovel and next the peas with a scouter we had a good RAIN to day & at night a good shower only plowed half the day

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Wensday the 7th June

Thined corn & set out potatoe slips this morning ground in fine order for setting out slips a good season last night

Thursday 8 June

Finished plowing the cassel corn field the 3rd time

Friday the 9 June

Plowed & hoed the the peas in the cassel field

Satruday 10 June

Negroes plowed their corn & Foster went to Mt Sinai to Temperance meeting

Monday the 12th June

Rained Saturday night & sunday a first late season ground thoroughly wet set out cabbage plants & potatoe sprouts until dinner then we COMMENCED HARVESTING our wheat crop in the field East of meadow with 3 cradles & 3 binders

Teusday 13 June 1854 Cut what all day with 3 cradles in the Evening we started a Reaping machine to cutting wheat cut a round with it & stoped the wheat was rather green it cut verry well Dr Wiseman and my self bought it for #144 it is one of McCormicks Reapers & was made in Chicago Ill I think it will do verry well if it does not break

Wensday 14 June

run 3 cultivators in pump field plowed premium corn howed sweet potatoes [??]

Thursday 15 June

Cut some wheat & sent 5 hands to Dr Wisemans in the afternoon to help him bind after the reaper it Dont cut light grain good

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1834 Friday & Saurday the 16 & 17 June cut wheat all the time with 3 cradles

Monday the 19 June

Finished cutting our meditera naean wheat & commenced cutting Troy wheat in cherry orchard with Reaper it does verry well cut it clean and over nearly every head in the after noon There was a great many of the neighbors come in to see it cut and were well please with it Wife & Francis started to Lee I W Floyd and to Norfolk on a spree (started the 20th)

Teusday the 20 June 1854 Finished cutting wehat to day cut our premium acre to day 55 Doz we cut it with Reapter and I do no believe there was half a Bushel of shatters left on the Acre in the Evening it Rained a find season which was needed commenced mowing the Evening in the Big meadow in the wild grass

Wensday the 21 June 1854 mowed with 3 hands & run 3 cultivators in pump field warm

Thursday 22nd June 1854 Halled Three loads of hay on 4 horse waggon & run Three plows 3 loads laying by our corn at cassel place

Friday 23rd June 1854 commenced halling in wehat mowed until Dinner with 4 scy this afternoon raked up hay & run 2 waggons halling 2 loads of hay & then wheat the balance of the day [text lined off to left] hay 2 loads

Saturday the 24 June 1854 Cloudy this morning & we cant haul wheat running 4 plows in cassel forn & 2 hands mowing did not rain any plowed all day

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Monday 25 June 1854 Halled wheat with 2 waggons in the forenoon in the after noon halled 6 loads of hay [lined off text on left side] hay 6 one hand mowing all day Foster sick to day verry warm ther at 91 degrees beginning to be verry dry corn Twists badly in the heat of the day

Tuesday the 27 June 1854 Halled 2 loads of hay & wehat the balance of the day with 2 waggons [inserted text left side] hay 2 finished cutting our wild grass in the big meadow verry hot ther 98 deg Dry

Wensday the 29 June 1854 Finished halling wheat out of Field East of meadow we had 985 Dozen in it & perhaps 500 Bu wehat ther eis 40 Acres in the field halle d3 loads of hay to day was verry hot & Dry Ther 100 Deg at 4 o clock [lined off text on left side] hay 3 corn is suffering bady for rain and especially my premium lot it is fereing some & Twist verry badly but looks lively by sund down & in the morning look well we are running 2 plows in cassel field to day dry as it is we must plow that corn it is verry good cooking coirn but verry foul & needs work 100 Deg

Thursday the 29 June Finished halling in Troy wheat from the cherry orchard we had 231 Dozen in the fiel including the 53 Doz on premium acre 2 plows running in the cassel corn until noon in afternoon 4 plows 97 Deg

Friday the 30 June 1854 Commenced CUTTING OATS with 3 cradles we cut them in forenoon & bind up in the afternoon run 2 plows in cassel field verry hot to day 100 Deg went to Chesires sale

Saturday 1 July 1854 Cut oats with 3 cradles & run 2 plows in cassel corn finished laying by that field hoed it good cloudy to day but no rain verry Dry Hot 96

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