Farm Journal, 1853–1866




Thursday the 11th Novr 1853

This was a big day for Farrington Our first fair of the Davie Co Agricultural Society was held here to day and there was quite a crowd out here Something over 600 persons we had a fine Barbucue for all to eat and Col R C Puryear delivered the annual Address before the society which was verry good and give general satisfaction There was an exhibition some fine cattle by Mox Cuthrell S Douthit and BF Lunn Some fine pigs by BF Lunn & M Cuthrell fine specimens of turnips sweet & Irish potatoes cabbage Beets pickels pumpkins and Large ears of corn Also some fine butter Bed quilts Carpets Counterpanes needle work [??] by the Ladies and great variety of Horses Colts [??] it being the first of the kind all things considered it was a grand affair for Davie Co We did no work to day but look on

Saturday the 12 Novr

Shucked corn to day Jack sick & Foster on a visit not much done

Saturday the 19th Novr

We shucked corn the most of this week on Thursday we put away our cabbage and halled up 4 waaggon loads of turnips and put away in the ground to Eat and one load to boil up for our hogs we also halled one load to the cassel Barn for our sheep to Eat Our Turnips are verry good I think we have 400 Bu Turnips on Two or three Acres quite warm & fine weather this week no Rain

Monday the 21 Novr

Plowing in the cassel fields for corn we run one Turn & one subsoil only today

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Teusday 22nd Novr 1853

Run Two Turn plows & Two subsoil plows to day in the cassel field we work four mules to one subsoil & two to the other I think the 4 mule plows run 8 in deep we Turn the ground over about 6 in Deep The Two mule subsoil does not run more than 5 in Deep in the bottom of the other furrow making 11 in deep for both furrows verry warm & the ground in fine order for plowing we shuck corn at o/ nights nearly done

Wednesday 23 Novr Plowed as yesterday verry warm

Thursday 24 Novr Do Do some colder

Friday 25 - Plowed as before quit cool Foster sick

Saturday 26 Novr Plowed all day we have had a week of verry fine weather and have plowed all the time

Monday 28 Novr

Plowed with one Turn plow & one subsoil Dan sick

Tuesday 29 Do Do

Wenesday 30 30 Novr

Put up fence at casel place all day and of our fattening hogs had 4 pigs to day that we intend to run for the premium on pigs next year

Thursday 1 Dec

Plowed with one plow and made fence around the cassel place

Tuesday the 6 Dec

We have been plowing and making fence since last Thursday the weather is verry fine no rain & not verry cold just right for work I am building a negro house that I moved up from the cassel place Henry Foster & son Francis is at work on it it is nearly done

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Wednesday the [begin crossed out text] Teusday [end crossed out text] 7th Dec

Run one Turn & one subsoil plow to day we finished breaking at the cassel place and commenced in corner of the field at the Blk Smith Shop we are subsoiling all the land we break for corn the ground being verry light & loose in the corner wehre we plowed to day I think we plowed 12 or 13 in deep it had been subsoil last year when we broke it for wheat which is the cause of its being so loose and light now We halled manure from the Barn yard on teh shop field and droped it in piles to put in the Corn Hills next spring quite cool this evening but no rain and fine business weather

Thursday 9th Dec

Clouded up last night and rained a light shower and then commenced snowing and covered the ground two or three inches deep By morning Then stoped snowing but was quite cloudy all day and rained some in the evening We worked at the old Barn all day fixing cow stalls we are keeping the most of our cows in the staables we have 12 milk cows and about 20 Dry cattle and calves the weather is quite cool and hardly fit to work out

Friday the 9 Dec

Verry cold this morning and quite cloudy raining some the wind from the North East we are clearing out our Ice House to be ready to put up Ice as soon as it freezes thick enough

10th Dec

The weather moderated to day and became quite pleasant snow all melted away halled wood & split rails to day and made arrangements to kill our hogs on Monday if it is cold enough

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Monday the 12th Dec 1853

Twoo warm to kill hogs to day and we halled manure on the field at the BS Shop & droped it in piles to put in the Hills of corn next Spring

Saturday the 17 Dec

We have been halling manue and Branch mud all this week until today it RAINED nearly all day moderately We halled 60 loads of mud & Rich earth from the hollow in the road below the shop on one Acre to plant my premium corn for next year I intend halling 60 more on the same Acre M Sormaw built the chimney to the little house we built for Lilly part of the hands worked the road two days this week and it has been a fine wek for business until to day it rained it has been rather warm to kill hogs all this week yet some have killed we should have killed ours on Friday if we had not of had to work on the road

Monday the 19th Dec

Worked the road with all hands but Foster he pile up manure in the Barn yard quite cold this evening

Tuesday the 20 Dec

KILLED HOGS to day we killed 40 hogs weighing 5300 lb they were on year & 9 days old the heaviest of the year olds weighed 260 lbs [??] we had been feeding 6 of them since the 20 Feby last and the 6 weighed 1370. We had four that was a y ear & half old The heaviest weighed 306 It dont do well to kill hogs at 1 year old They will not fatten well for me quite cold to day thermometer at 23 in the morning

Wednesday the 21 Dec 1853

Took us all day to cut and salt our Pork quite cold & cloudy all day looks like it would snow by morning

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Saturday the 24 Dec 1853

On Thursday we halled Brick & plank from the cassel house Friday we piled manure Today 24 we sent to mill planted & fixed a gate to the cassel pasture H put 6 hogs up for next year they are one year old the [?] Dec [instant?]

Thursday the 29th Dec 1853

Went to work this morning chopping wood at Shop for coal it snowed yesterday all day but the ground was so warm it did not cover the ground more than one inch

Saturday 31st Dec 1853

Snowed & Rained yesterday and is now snowing this Evening we have been cutting coal wood at the shop I hired a negro boy So of Levi Fulford to work on the farm next year he is about 16 years old I am to pay 45 00 for him This ends the year 1853 which on the whole has been a favourable year to the farmer our corn crop was short but every thing else was bountiful except oats & potatoes Pork is selling at 5cts [lb?] it is thought to be high at that price there is the usual quantity I think in the country

Saturday the 7 Jany 1854

There fell a snow on Saturday night 4 in Deep and Monday Teusday & Wenesday was quite cold we halled 12 loads of ICE on Thursday it then turned warm and remained so until to day it commenced snowing this afternoon and is now snowing fast and quite cold Ive have done nothing this week but cut up coal wood at the shop & cut & hall fire wood & hall Leaves in the Barn yard Foster commenced work another year for me last Monday the 2nd Jany

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