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Thursday the 3 Aug 1854

Finished mowing the cassel meadow halled one load of hay [lined off text on left] 1 Load of hay This was our election day & we did but little business on the farm verry warm 95 D

Friday the 4 Aug

We worked in Turnip patch in lower end of Shop meadow until the hay Dried off & then put out the hay to dry and halled [lined off text on left] 3 loads hay & then a shower of rain come up and a verry hard wind & caught about 2 Loads out in the meadow it did not rain verry hard but the wind blowed verry hard

Saturday the 5 Aug

Worked in the Turnip patch all day in the afternoon halled 2 Loads hay from the cassel meadow [lined off text on left] 2 Loads hay which finishes all the mowing the first time we had 9 Loads of hay in the cassel meadow all Large 4 horse Loads but one In all 69 Waggon Loads of hay the first cutting

Monday the 7 Aug 1854

Worked in Turnip patch all day with all the hands but Dan & Anda They Dug Irish potatoes and sowed some Turnip seed from the pattent office sent me by R C Puryear our memeber in Congress we manured the the ground with Barn yard manure and sowed them in Drills 16 in apart we sowed 4 kinds 3 rows of each we also sowed 8 or 10 rows of summer Turnips to day in Drills at night we had a good shower of rain but not enough to make our fallow ground wet enough to plow

Teusday the 8th Aug

Worked all hands in Turnip patch halling wood splitting rails [&c?] quite cool & pleasant

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Wensday the 9 Aug 1854

Sent three hands to Dr Wisemans to help Thrash wheat the ballance of the hands are splitting rails in the Turnip patcch (cool and pleasant for the season

Thursday the 19 Aug

Sent Two hands to help Dr Wiseman Thrash wheat until noon the ballance worked on our Turnip patch

Friday the 11 August

plowed our Turnip patch in lower end of shop meadow Levied & harrowed it & in the evening sowed Turnip seed & herds grass seed it is doen the best I ever prepared ground for Turnips and if it dont make Turnips it is useful to prepare ground well to sow Turnip seed we Brushed the seed in after sowing & then sowed the herds grass seed

Saturday the 12 Aug 1854

This being Camp meeting at Smith Grove we worked until noon halling manure on the potatoe patch where we intend sowing Turnip seed and stuck up Lumber for our house & Then took holiday in the afternoon

Monday the 14 Aug

Sowed Turnip seed in the potatoe patch at warhouses we manured the lot well with Barnyard manure Broke Twice & harrowed Levice sowed a mixture of Globe Summer Flat & common Turnip seed mowed the little meadow at stable this being the camp meeting at Smith Grove we did not do much to day Foster at camp meeting today

Teusday the 15 Aug

Jack sick & Foster at camp meeting the balance of the hands sprouting & clearing fence corners

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Wensday the 16 Aug 1854

Commeced getting bords for a new Blksmith shop worked all hand at it But Dan & Francis they halled two saw logs to Shecks Mills & Brought 2 Loads of plank home

Thursday 17 Aug

It Rained a good shower lat night & made the ground wet enough to plow and we started 3 Turn plows breaking Fallow for wheat in the Big Field south of [??] Barn

Friday 18 Aug

plowed all day with 3 Turn plows & sowed board Lumber Lo has been laid up for Two days with sore foot at night it rained a good season

Saturday 19 Aug

Rained all night last night & is still raining this morning until noon then stoped we have a good season in the after noon we plowed up abut one Acre of our cassel pasture turning the [??] under finely to see if it will kill it & let some other grass grow in its place

Monday the 21 Aug

ran 3 Turn plows all day Foster & Frank halled rails & mended up the fence

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Thursday the 24 Aug 1854

Run 3 Turn plows all day the other hands halling sand & making joists for the new Brick Smoker house

Friday the 25 Aug

Too Dry to plow halled Lime & sand for House (Hot 94

Saturday the 26 Aug

Halled Lime & sand got joists for smoke house (Hot 95

Monday the 28th Aug

We had a light shower of Rain last night and went to plowing with 3 Turn plows the ground is not quite wet enough to do good plowing Jack is making fence round the Lot I sold Tatem

Friday the 1 Septr 1854

for Three days we have been Halling lime & sand for our house on Teusday we made a fence around Tatems Lot To day we commenced mowing in the meadow down the mud Road the 2nd time Dan halling lime Hot & Dry

Saturday the 2nd Septr

mowed with 3 hands all day Halled in Two small Loads of hay verry hot [lined off text on left] 2 Loads hay

Monday the 4 Septr 1854 Mowed wiht 3 hands in big meadow Halled 2 Loads [line off text on left] 2 of hay commenced pulling Foder today with 3 hands verry hot Ther 97 Albert Sheeks hands commenced the wood work of my house to day we works 6 hands & the Brick contractor 7 makeing 13 hands in all quite a croud at the Table

Teusday the 5 Septr 1854 mowed & halled Boys pulled Fodder [lined off text on left] 1 Load hay Dry & hot Ther 98 [lined off text on right] Keiran started north to day

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Wensday the 6 Septr 1854

Finished mowing in the Big meadow and went to pulling fodder with all hands in the after noon halled 3 loads hay) verry Dry & hot Ther 96 verry busy 14 hands at work on new house 7 Brick men & 7 wood workmen

Thursday the 7 Septr 1854

Our hands are all Scattered to day Jack is mowing the grass Lot by the Dry Kill Foster grubbing up stump at the new house Dan halling Sand George & the settle force pulling fodder in after noon halled 1 Load hay the last of our hay in Big meadow we had 9 Loeas in the Big meadow not a half across owing to the Dry weather in the evening it Rained a fine weather which cooled the air verry much it was verry hot before the rain Ther 95

Friday the 8 Septr 1854 finished mowing the grass Lot & commenced in the meadow By the BlkSmith Shop & mowed all day with 3 hands it is cloudy and the hay does not cure much the grass is not worth cutting it is so light but we cut it to get clear of the Broom Sedge the Ballance of the hands halled sand for the new house

Saturday the 9 Septr Rained a good season last night we mowed to day

Monday 11 Septr Ground wet enough to plow to day we have 3 plows running 2 hands mowing cloudy & Rained a little not enough to stop from work

Wensday the 13 plowed yesterday [lined off text on left] 4 loads hay & to day halled Loads hay Finished cutting meadow By shop

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