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Blank No. 1. THE WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY The rules of this Company require that all messages received for transmission, shall be written on the message blanks of the Company, under and subject to the conditions printed thereon, which conditions have been agreed to by the sender of the following message.

THOS. T. ECKERT, Gen'l Sup't, New York.

WILLIAM ORTON, Pres't, O.H. PALMER, Sec'y New York.

Dated Portland, Oregon Nov 5 1872

Received at N.E. cor 14th St. & Penna. Ave., Washington, D.C.

To Maj. Elliott

Secy Light House board


Do not want rooms at Astoria Foulweather lens received Lantern not heard from.


21 paid Govt rate

Arrived by letter November 8/72

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173 1/2

Notice to Mariners (no. )

United States of America {carat: "Northwest Coast. "} Oregon. Light-House at Cape Foulweather (Yaquina Point Head).

Notice is hereby given that a Light-House has been erected Cape Foulweather. (Yaquina Point Head) Oregon, and the lights will be erected on or about the night of the 1st of March 1st of February 1873, and every night after from sunset to sunrise.

The focal plane is 81 feet above the ground, and 150 feet above sea level. The lights can be seen in clear weather from the deck of a vessel, 15 feet above the sea, at a distance of eighteen {carat: "and a half"} nautical miles. The lens {carat: "is dioptic, of the"} a 1st order Fresnel, illuminating of the horizon 240 degrees {carat: "and"} will show a fixed white light.

The tower {carat: "is"} of brick, is painted white, and the lantern {carat: "is painted"} black.

The Keepers' Dwelling, a two-story frame building, east of the tower is painted white.

{circled:A} Latitude 44 {degree symbol} 40' North. Longitude 124 {degree symbol} 04' West.

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From the light house

Cape Disappointment (Hancock) Lighthouse Bears N by W 3/4 W 95 Nautical Miles

Yaquina Harbor Light-house Bears SE by S 1/2S

Cape Perpetua Bears S by E 3/4 E 21 Nautical Miles

Cape Arago (Gregory) Lighthose Bears S by E 84 Nautical Miles

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Office, Light-House Engineer, 13th District.

Portland, Oregon

Dec 16, 1872

Small Henry M. Robert, Maj. of Engr's & L. H. Eng'r, Thirteenth District

Notice to mariners for Cape Foulweather L. Ho. Ogn. ??? January 6/73. ???, - say that a ??? error in the ??? of the LH is made in ??? form of ??? ??? if it is ??? ??? ??? Const in ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? to ???. (in ??? ??? form of ???) ??? the ??? 31/2 miles to the ??? and 1

Writing in center reads: Office of the Light House Board Dec 30 1872

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???man Light House Board, Washington, D.C. Sir: I have the honor to make the following Report of Operations for the month of October 187??? Cape Foulweather Lt Station, Ogn. Received 1 cargo of Materials. Hauled materials, including Sand Water to L.H. Site. Roof, Cornice & ceiling of Oil-House completed - Iron Work fitted & placed, to the top of 4th stairs. Tower walls completed to top of necking??? course. 2 Coats Cement Wash put on Tower Wall so??? - as completed. Commenced 1st coat of paint on Oil House. Probable Operations in November. Receive 1 cargo materials. Complete carpenter work & painting. Finish Tower walls. Get casting from Portland to replacea landing which does not fit. Cape Flattery Lt. Station, W.L. Sent machinist. who put the Fog Signal apparatus into complete order, fitted Boiler for use of salt water & instructed Keepers (none of whom has had experience in running a steam engine) in the use of salt & fresh water in boiler. Supplied station with Stove, Engine, Clock, & complete set of tools needed for Signal; delivered 10 cords of wood for Fog Signal.

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