Wellcome Collection: Ayscough, Lady (MS1026)

Receits of phisick and chirurgery. There are a few cookery receipts at the end. Inside the cover is written 'The Lady Ayscough Booke Anno Domini 1692'. The first 93 pp. and the 7 pp. of cookery receipts are by the original hand, the remainder is in another nearly contemporary script.




66 The Dyet Ale to be prepard as soon as conveniently itt may be done Take of Burrdockroots of ye youngst tendest and whitest A pound, [Pringo] roots if you can procure ym the like Quantity, or in want of ym take of ye roots of Cammock, or rost harrow 1/2 Apound of ye best Apples ytare Juicie 1/2 Apound A[ greening ]will be fitt set those things being fitted and sliced bruseing ym. Let ym be boild in thirty Quarts of midle wort until ye third quart be wastd and let ye wort be strain'd from ye ingredients through A Sive or A Strain &, and when it is cool enough let itt be wrought up wth yeast and Order'd in all respects as other Ale is [ordered], abd after itt is [tunn'd ] into A fitt vessill let their be hanged in it in A bag of think cloate those things following . Take of Inniper berries yt are good and of ye Soft Yeare growth if you can gitt ym. Soe now and Ounce & 1.2 , or 2 Ounces. Of ye Seeds of Saxifrage parsley [crosses], or Rockett John wort or tops of [each] half A quart. of an Ounce of nuttmegs 3 drams of mace A 1/4 of an Ounce. Let those be well brused, and mix'd alltogeth. and used as afforesaid. Of this bear or Ale you may drink day instead of other Ale untill march and then it may be alter'd somewhat. Let your Ale be made of good water void of all suspicious [evell ] qualities wf yr river water near your house is not. Compound Salt of Basill [valintinoe] prescription agt. ye Stone is a good medicine.

73 For ye Runing of yeReins Take ye cups of Acrons when ye Acrones are ripe & [Salt ] out kepp ym till you have use for. them then beat ym to powder Soo take itt wth of little powderof nutmeg in Ale berry Soe much every morneing as will lye on A Six pence till you find ease.

A medicne for A pin or web in y Eye Take a good handfull of white mint groweth by ye water Side mince it very Small, [fout ] to it A pritty quantity of may buttr. beat it well wth ye mint in A wooden dish yn take glass wth A wide mouth & tye A piece of fine Lawen upon ye mouth of ye glass Lay ye mint & may buttr upon ye Lawen & [tam] ye mouth of another glassover ye. yn set it in ye Sun till it distill itt all down: into ye glass take as much yn of as A great pins head & put it into ye Eye laying ye Partly upon his back & dressing it twice

Lime water to cleance A sore Tkae A pound & 1/2 of unslackt lime put to it A gallon of Spring water Let it Stand * houres yn pour the Water from ye Lime & Strain through A [Tifiny] into A glass when you use it warme it and wash ye Sore

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Sir Adrian Gillburn Cordiall water

Distill A quart of spirit from 3 quarts or A gallon of white wine, put to it of Dragon water, 9 or 10 Ounces, parcell seed one Dram cinamond 2 Ouces figs 2 Ounces dates stone 2 Ounces dry'd Eringes one Ounce or if green 2 one Ounce of Liquoras, Gallinggall 1/2 an Ounce Anniseeds 3 drams & A 1/2 mace 3 drams, Castoriom grains cloves of each 2 drams Cellio seeds fennelseeds of each one scruple cubibs piony seeds of each A dram Gingar 2 drams & A 1/2 long pepper 1/2 A dram Carraway seed 4 drams Nutmeg one dram & 1/2 pimpernall seeds one dram Liguum Allawayes 1/2 an Ounce auoras one dram & A 1/2 of calamus Aromaticus one dram & A1/2 of cardiamum one dram cartumum one dram infuse all these in the Spirit & dragon water being powdered 3 or 4 dayes the longer the better then boil it in close balneo & distill it in the strongest balneo once or twice from the dry Then take 9 or 10 Ounces of the strongest spirits of Sack infuse in it these drugs saffrom one dram & A 1/2 Methridate 1/2 an Ounce black albathee one dram Musk 5 grains unicornes horne one dram buffoon or antelopas horn one dram the wood of the ballsom tree one dram currol & pearle of each 2 Ounces civit one dram of east India unicorn one dram you must searce these last things which you haue let all these infused in the spirit of sack 3 or 4 dayes then put the first water to these last things which you haue infused & distill it, dray from these last things. & it is perfect the dose is A spoonfull if they be strong if they be week two spoonfulls it is good for all diseases & Hurtfull for none.


My unkle Woolies Searecloath

Take A pint of the purest Sallit Oyle & 1/2 A pound of red lead beaten & Searced set it over A reasonable fire let it boil but not too fast you must stir it continually with A flat platter, haueing in riddyness as much strong lining cloath as you think fitt cut in what length and breadth you please boil it till it look's somewhat blacker than Lead then take it of the fire & dry one cloath after another through itt and be sure they be dipt all over as you dip them with a small hook & A hammer, knock them upon the edge of A board & take as little hole of the Cloath as you can, when they are cold Stick them with A Slick Stone & role clean paper to goe between every Seare cloath, to keep them sticking togather, as you vse any of it you must line it that itt Stick, not to your clothes you wear next it, lay it on with as small heat as you can it will not be long before itt be close & smooth to your skin itt will continue 4 or 6 weeks with Strength then you may turn it on the Other Side & it is of Strength doe as on the Other Side till you please to chainge itt.

To stay Bleeding

Five or 6 drops of Spirit of vittroell in three or four spoonfulls of plaintaine water or Pursely water. 36

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Cordiall Water.

Take Dragons, rosemary, wormewood, Sage Scordium mugwort Scabius Balme cardus Tormentall Leaves & roots Angelico leaves & roots marygold flowers & leaves pimpernall Sentary tops Bettony flowers & leaves wood sorrell Agrimony and Rue 1/2 a pound of each Liquoras 4 Ounces Ellicampane roots 2 Ounces Slice the roots small shred the herbs as Small as you can with A knife then infuse all togather in 3 Gallons of white wine 2 nights then distill them in A Limbeck you may draw 6 or Seven quarts good, sweaten it according to your tast & put it up in bottles.

A Cure for A Glandred horse or one broken winde

Give him raw Carroots greens & all if it be summer washt very clean 2 or 3 att A time as you find the horse desires them whiche he will doe after he is vsed to them A while giue him of them 3 or 4 times a day and let him haue water and provinder as att other times but let all his Oats haue honey rubbed among st them after he hath eaten carroots 10 days giue him A spoonfull of the powder of Ellicampane, mingled with honey & ride him a little after itt & let him be kept from meat or water 3 or 4 hour's giue him this twice A weak every other weak still continueing the Carroots & honey with his Oats let this be continued 3 or 4 months or longer if itt be necessary you need not spare him in his serviss for exercise is very vsefull in order to his cure.


For the Bitte of A mad Dog

Take the Liver of a proud bitch & boil it in Spring water it must be A spring that the morneing Sun lights upon & when the Liver is well boiled you must keep the broth in an Earthen pot, and take the Liver & dry itt in an Oven & then beat it to powder & Searce through A fine Searce when you dress the wound you must bath it with the broth warme then thake some of the powder of the Liver & Strew it upon the wound & soe bind itt up with a Lining Cloath & dress it morneing & evening till it be whole.

A Glister to draw wind from the [head]

Take Rue, Cammomile flowers of each one handfull 2 or 3 tops of sweet marjorem boil these in possit drink then strain out about A pint, put into itt allmost A spoonfull of Hirapiera two spoonfulls of course suger when this is disolved strain it and put itt into the bag

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To Make cock.tle

Take ergrimony leaves one handfull Tamaris one handfull roots of capers & sasaperrella of China of each one Ounce harts horne and Liverwort of each half A handfull put these in 4 gallons of Alewort, (noe hop) boil these in it till comes to 3 gallons then set yeast of it to work, take A well flesht cock or Capon pull it and draw it, then grind it A little parboil when it is cold take the flesh of th e bones and mince it then break the bones put the flesh & bones & all into A bag then [tun] your Ale into your vesell & put your bag in with it then stop it close up 7 or 8 days then bottle it to drink.

Syrrop of hartstounge

Take hartstounge 3 handfulls polipodium of the Oake the roots of both sorts of Buglass bark of the roots of capers & Tamaris of each 2 Ounces hops maiden hair, Balm of each 2 handfull boile them in 9 pound of spring water to 5 and strain it with 4 pound of white sugar make itt into A sirrope it helps the stoping of malancolly opens the obstructions of the spleen & livor & is singular against the Rickeets, being taken A spoonfull in the morneing. meny that are troubled wi th the spleen may take 4 or 5 spoonfulls.


To make Juniper water

Take 8 handfulls of Juniper berry's being full ripe bruise them A little, put them into A large still adding 2 handfulls of Angilico leaves which must be dryed in the Sun in May or June, & may be kept in A paper bag, pour upon those ingredients 4 quarts of white wine att 12 or 18 a quart paist the still close and let them stand infuseng 24 houres then still them with A moderate fire the first quart that comes of keep itt by its selfe for it is the strongest then you may draw 3 quarts more, & either keep them by them selves. or mix them with the first draught & when the fire is gone out of it, sweaten the whole quantity with A pound of sofe sugar, & keep it in bottles close stoped for your vse, you may if you please put into every bottle 7 or 8 grains of Saffron tyed up in A little lawne or fine ragg this will give it an excellent tast, this is an excellent water for A cold stomack, & especially for the winde it may be also given in A sounding fitt four or five spoonfulls.


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To make Oyntment for the Eyes

Take A vessell of rose copper holding A pint made almost like A bell but flat at the bottome that it may stand, put into it 8 spoonfulls of boyes urine betwixt 4 and 6 years old being free from any weakness or distemper ad to it as much thick sweat cream this must be beaten with A copper Spoon 1/2 an hour, morneing & night for 3 weeks Togather, nothing but coppar touch itt in 3 weeks time it will be an Oyntment which before you take out of the vessell, take an Earthen pot holding about 2 quarts set it on the flower upon A cloath big enough to wrap the pot close up then fill the pot more then 3 quarters full of urine 4 or 5 dayes old then lay 2 or 3 little sticks cross the pot to keep the coppar from falling then turn your Copper the open side downe wards upon those sticks then pin it close up with the Cloath the pot stands on that noe Air may gitt & let it stand over the Steam of this vrine 4 of 5 dayes then uncover it & put itt in pots for vse, rub your Spoon and & cup with A clean cloath & tye them up in papers till you haue need to make the Ointment the vessell and Spoon must never bee Scoured


To Prepare Steel,

Six pennyworth of powder of steel, steept in white wine vinegar Shifting itt morneing and evening till the vinegar be clear then pour of the vinegar & dry the Steel by the Fire & pound it very small then take as much good pearle as vsually you haue for eighteen pence 1/2 A pound of fine sugar 6 nutmegs grated mix all these togather & take as much as will lye upon A groat, take it dry in the morneing Fasting & att three in the after noon & drink A draught of Ale or white wine after it & exercise an hour after it.

Dr Dikes Lime Water

Quench A stone of quick Lime weighing 3 pound in 3 gallons of fair water Let it settle clear then pour of the clear water with wich & a good old cock make good strong broth, boiling also in it 2 Ounces of Sasaphras, shaveing 2 Ounces of Sassaparella not prepared one Ounce of China root of Harts horne shaveings & Ivory of each one Ounce Agremony wormewood harts-tongue & speedwell of each an handfull 1/2 a pound of Rasons of the Sun & a few currants with A great crust of bread boil itt well to A strong broth then pour to it A pint of worme water & A pint of red rose water then distill it all togather reserveing the water for your use, which you may make more pleasant by disolving in it sugar of Roses or sugar Candy or Lemmons in pan sugar Let the party take 5 spoonfulls in the morneing & the like Quantity about 4 A clock in the afternoon.


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