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1865 The morning a little cool for the time of year, Wind from March the east the tolerable calm. All hands are prepairing to go Mon 27 to work & in a fine [-----?].

Richard Tretter reported himself for work this morning says Trotter his Mistress is dead & told him to do the best he could & not leave the County but to hire himself out the best he could, I

fighting went to town News that there are considerable fighting in in N. C. N.C. Many killed on all sides, Some attempts to negotiate a

Europe place but done nothing Some overtures are making with France Europe & France to bring about a settlement of our dificulties by recongniation &c Stolen We hear of many horses being stolen in a few nights, J. S. horses Harris B Harler & many others lost there horses The hands

Work Cotton worked to day tolerable well beding up cotton ground fixing Ground the plows cutting stalks as Thomas L, has taken his groceries

Thomas L. into the News Depo (Engle's house) every article has falen in Cincinatta since he purchased (I fear the result) I think he Went to Tom will sell very fast at some price, I went to town Saul was pressed & caused some trouble he rode Thos L's Horse home & Thos stayed in Town all night Tu 28 It has sprinkled rain throught the night & raining slowly this morning Cloudy & warn wind in the east, I went to Town

Some fighting in Some fighting in N. C. No other particular news, We finished

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-58listing up the Cotton field next Town. Thomas L. is selling his groceries verry well in Engle's house nobody helping him & he is obliged to leave his store at times to the mercy of the other inmates I fear the result 1865 It is raining but verry slowly this morning All hands March 29 at business except Sweet she is reported sick yesterday & Wed to day. Not bad off. We are beding up the 4 acre piece South Sweet sick of the Garden for Corn to plant in it. We are planting some planting corn) Corn in the field North of the Garen for early use, upon the low grounds where we think the cotton wont do so well. It commenced rain at 12 oclock & nothing more done by the hands except Green and Jack they worked in the Shop. --

Thur 30 It rained nearly all night from the S.E. quit just at day. BW Porter William was up several times through the night, quite unwell, he has been unwell for a week took a dose of oil this morning Sweet Sweet is yet sick tho better I think. We are planting the 4 planting ) acre piece next the Orchard. It is showrey all day March corn ) weather hands worked 1/2 the day. Fri 31st I went to Town in the evening Thomas L. came home with me Thos L. at night It rained half the day William is better this morning Gurellas The gurellas went to Ganl Pillow's farm ocpied by the Fedrels Govt farms ) Went off unmolested not even followed by the Military the threats Ocupant Mr Bean suffered in the property line Threats were

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Corn planting long field 2 Langley / Buggy Bennet are planting in the long field & beding up in the same Two Mr Langley came & stayed all night Williams Bugga is broke & left at Mr Dawsons near Mt Pleasant by Esekial Bennett it has been there ever since the 15th March last taken there broke & left by E Bennet I did not go to Town to day Wether quite warm.

Wed 5. / Capt Rice / Comisary / Thos L. It is quite warm finished my Buggy and went to Town about 12 oclock. Considerable excitement about Capt Rice having left they were hunting for him every way & very angry I think they will kill him if they find him. The Comisary has a disposition to quarrel with me again to day. Thos L. came home with me it rained verry hard during the night some thunder & Lightening

1865 Th 6th March / Wills & Hamon / Stud Colt It is raining the wind is high appearances of another Fresh. The hands was planting Corn in the long field yesterday. I went to Town with Thomas and got home at 12 oclock Rice the prisoner got away yesterday & they did not find him Willa & Hamon came & went home again took the 2 year old Comodore with them It rained verry hard the hnads done nothing to day.

Fri 7th I went to Town Thos gone to Websters hired Wilkins as Clerk John Quarles sick for sever days hands still trying to work

Sat 8th / Cotton seed / Corn & wheat It has turned cool some frost Will Henry & Guin went to Maryanns got 2 lods of Cotton seed & 10 bush of wheat Mat & Wash went to Mr Kinser & got 15 bushels of Corn (Yellow good)

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Wood / $1.00 per bushel Mat paid for it. News of more fighting in the Armeys. I went to Town The Government wagons have been on my land cutting wood for 3 days

Sun 9th / heavy rain / It is dark & cloudy like for rain It began to rain about 11 oclock & has rained verry hard all day The Waters are roaring all round a verry considerable fresh No news it rained on until in the night keeping every one within doores.

Mon 10 / high watter / Genl Lee surrendered / Peace Peace / Bridges washed away / Work / Margaret / It still is raining, & has rained all night A verry considerable fresh The watter courses are rising rapidly I went to Town greate excitement Dispatch came that Richmond was taken & Genl Lee had surrendered himself & his whole Armey to Genl Grant The Canons were fired all evening & greate rejoicing amonst the Fedrels & Officers. The fresh took off half the rail rode bridge across Duck River & all across at Franklin & the most of the bridges between Columbia & Nashville Thos L. came home with me in my buggy It was too wet for any work to be done Margaret went to Town this morning

1865 April Tu 11th / No Work two wet / Legislature Govr Brownlows Message Surrender Lee & Army It rained again last night Cloudy & warm look like rain, Windy & from the West, two wet for any work to be done to day Or Legislature in Session the members are determined to abolish slavery Govr Brownlows Message is better than I had expected I went to Town Many reports of and about the surrender of Genl Lee & his Army It is a fixed fact that he has surrendered his whole Armey --

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