Volume 3: 1867-1869


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[table] 3 plows to Bosticks Shop to get stocked. Saml Arneld sent and got my red oxen. I ask him $75.00 he would weigh 2000 lbs. If he dont like him at that price he is to send him back immediately the boy Paul Arnell acted as agt of Saml Arneld. Preston Porter Col was present & heard the agreement. The morning is clear, calm & cold with a frost and some ice. William did not git home last night. Mag is unwell, has been so for several days. Sent to Mill 2 1/2 bush meal the last we got was tuesday the 19 abt (10 days) got 1/2 gal of cole oil. Let Lou have $5.00 (William) let George have a garden on the far end of the turnip patch William got home from Mary anns last night She is better Calvin got $.50 of Wm.

This morning it is cloudy the clouds are from the West but the Wind is from the East It commenced raining about 10 oclock & has rained nearly all day & at times verry hard, some thunder quite cool late in the evening the Wind tollerable high is blowing from the West & turning Colder. William traded off his sorrel horse and Broken Shoulder Colt, thought that one would not eat so much as too & therefore he made a verry good swap. I think he got badly cheated in the price of there worth of the mare but as provender is verry scarce it may all be verry well. It may be an April trick some way.

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[table] It has partially cleared off and some cooler Wind from the N.W. I was quite unwell all night I feel quite discouraged having been unwell so long some times I think I will not recover I have no one to help see to any thing & nothing much doing I become quite down spirited & much discouraged I have a bad cold some fever and verry horse of a morning until get about a little then I feel better The morning is clear and spring like Richard & George & Jack is plowing in there Oats William has traded off the sorrel mare he got of A. Harrison & got a gray horse he has not said how he has traded yet - Mag went to Town this morning rode the black Mare William wint & rode Mags mare. Upon inquiry I find that William has not swapt off the A. Harrison Mare, only exchanged the Thomas L. I Went to Town this evening for the first time in Over two months I rode the black Mare it tyered me verry Much. I think I am none the worse I think upon the whole I am some better tho much fatigued

The morning is quite clear & beautiful Spring like the boys are plowing in there Oats say they will get done in a day or two. The after part of the night I did not rest so well as the fore part of the night. After getting about a while I feel better. Mag did not come home last night. I went to Town got some Garden Seeds today

The Wind is verry high blowing from the S. E. About 10 oclock it is clouding up some thunder It has rained nearlt all day

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I rested the fore part of the night tolerable well not so well after the part. The boys are all at work sowing & plowing in there Oats, they seem to be doing better now. I am taking up our potatoes and puting them in the office & intend to plant them soon I want to see how many we have. Mag has not returned

The Wind is in the West & verry high & has turned quite cool. Some little cloudy. Preston took one of the big Wheels out of the Kitchen loft to spin on I was not well all night better abt 10 oclock. I sold 3 bushels of Oats to Tom Bucker at $.80 per bush he paid Nothing doing

The Morning is quite cold the wind blew quite hard nearly all night from the N. W. Richard has been a little unwell for several days. I got home from Bosticks 3 plows (Barshears) that he has Stocked. One of them was Prestons and he is to pay for it See B ostick for the price, they are verry finely done & I have no doubt but they will do well I went to Town in the evening Not so well at night It fateagued me verry much

The morning is quite clear Wind from the E. & cold. It moderated towards evening & turned warm Wind high & from the South Neighbour Maguire come in the evening & set an hour We got some apples and he took of some of them he is a verry kind nabor

This Morning Is verry cloudy & sprinkling rain from the E. I am trying to get my potatoes Cut this morning they are in the office It has not rained but little today Caleb and Charley,

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Richd, Jack & George Hargroves & Calvin helped me plant Irish potatoes We did not get done William got $1.00 worth Sugar & $1.00 worth Coffee. I was quite exausted, head ake & quite unwell, when we quit Work at night, from the fatigures of the day rested badly through the night head ake all night. I kept with the hands all day at work to have it done right & them kept at Work. We got down a Sholder Bacon I put a plaster a Vurginer pitch on my breast.

I commenced raining before day slowly and at 10 oclock it is still raining Quit about 1 oclock We have finished planting Our Irish potatoes the same hands today We had yesterday planted near 10 bushels making 77 Rows. The ground is well broke up & Manure on them all It is finely done planted 50 Roes yesterday & 27 roes today Making in all

It has rained nearly all night verry hard Some thunder an lightening & heavy wind. My health is some better yesterday & last night. William commenced last night to make himself a pair of Boots, he is doing it verry he like to have made one last night he stayed and finished them both today. We still have apples yet. The limber twig, they are verry good tho rotting verry fast, we have but a few now. The Bay Dan Rice Mares yearling filly is verry bad off with distemper & so is Wms sorrel filly they both look like they would not live. I have

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got the bay Mare up & will plow her in a few days tho she Bay Mare will have a colt this spring. plows I have 5 plows one peacock plow, 2 barshears that Flanigan stocked last year & 2 Cast Mole bord plows that Bostick has Just stocked they are all verry fine & as good as new Ginning got all my ball long & shovel plow stocks & I have never got them back. 4 of them.

Sick I found the Bay Mares year old filly out in the woods lying filly not able to get uo, bad off with distemper & poore We helpt it up, braught it & put it in the Shop It eats but when down has to be helpt up. I think it will die. The boys halled up some wood after the rain & went to there plowing in there own crops.

Th 11 It turned quite cold in the night Wind this morning is from Self the North, cold & cloudy like it might snow. My health I think is improving at present, tho I fear it is only temperary. The boys are all at work, I have fed and watered our sick filly filly & I am of opinion that it is no worse. There cam a man Book) a Book Seller stayed until after dinner, his name is Alexander pedler) Stuart) Stuart, says he has been in the Southern Armey 4 years, from lived in Sumner County & Nashville. I did not buy any of his books nor charge him anything for dinner, I thought it might be a little uncertain which armey he belonged to.

Puss) Clary) Puss let Sam Martin (col) take little Clary for her bord & Clothing

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